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    Hey, this winter I will be driving from Atlanta to Los Angeles and back. I am looking for some neat places to stop on the way out there. So far I plan on visiting the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, but I do not know where else to visit. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know. Thanks!
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    There are things to do in every state and along every major interstate highway in the country. The question really becomes narrowing down into what things you want to stop at. Having said that, what sorts of things are you interested in? How much time do you have for this trip?

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    I will have about 4 to 5 days on my roadtrip out to L.A. I am mainly interested in seeing nature, not so much the big cities, except for Vegas that is.

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    At around 2450 miles, including the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, it will take 4 full days just to make the drive. Add a half day each at the Canyon and Vegas and you've used up your fifth day as well. So you won't have a lot of time for other stops along the way. I'd recommend that you use US-78 to Memphis and then I-40 most of the rest of the way. But even though you won't be able to spend much time on stops, or travel far from the main highway to get to them, you should still make a point of stopping every few hours for some rest and relaxation.


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