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    Hello all

    I'm planning to come back online later tonight or tomorrow to post a report of our two week US roadtrip we did back in July, but wanted to ask a quick question first!

    We are holidaying in New York City for a week in January and although we plan to stay pretty much put, the US roadtrip bug has bitten and we would like to spend just one day on the road. We plan to get a car first thing (8am, ish) in Manhattan and drive somewhere, enjoy the scenery, have a spot of lunch, simply see something different and get back to Manhattan for 9 / 10pm.

    We probably don't want to be doing much more than 250 miles round trip, but completely flexible in where we go.

    Anyone got any suggestions? Near-ish parts of New England? Hamptons? Only real criteria is not a city like Boston or Philly, as it will be nice to leave he big-city for one day!

    Much appreciated!
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    Default daytrips

    Actually, there is an article in our daytrip section that focuses on easy getaways from New York.

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    Default Albany (or Thereabouts)

    I would think that your best option is to simply head north through the Hudson River valley. Somewhere north of Yonkers or Tarrytown, the 'city' drops away and this drive would become a scenic and historic adventure, including as it does places like Sleepy Hollow, West Point (as discussed in the article Michael pointed out), Bear Mountain State Park, the Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site, and a number of smaller state and local parks. You can turn around whenever you run out of time and take a different route back. Route possibilities include US-9/NY-9G/NY-9J on the east bank of the river, US-9W on the west bank, and the Taconic State Parkway a bit farther east if you need to get 'home' in a bit of a hurry.


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    Default Poconos?

    The Poconos offers some of the same things as New York does but I'm not sure of the history involved with the Poconos. There are signs for Sleepy Hollow etc. on the NY Thruway

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    As usual with this site, thanks for the help with this. Been having a good google of these places tonight.

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