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    Hi Guys,

    I'm moving to NYC from LA and will be on the road this Saturday Oct 25th. I do not have to arrive until late in the day Friday Oct 31st. Although its not an incredible amount of time I was hoping to take a route that would be scenic and possibly have some places along the way to checkout.

    I'm planning on spending a night in Vail CO on Sunday but other than that, I have no other plans. I'm torn between going I-80 or I-70 after that. My only concern is hitting pet friendly hotels/motels along the way which doesn't look like it will be too big of a problem.

    Any recommendations on which interstate I should take?


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Doing the Google maps things shows the difference to be about 18 miles...not anything that I'd be concerned with on a trip of this size. Anyway, there's something I like about I-70 more than I-80 and I'm not really sure what it is. Maybe it's seeing the Gateway Arch in St. Louis or knowing that I'm right in the heart of the country.

    I would recommend I-80 in Pennsylvania, however, as it traverses some beautiful scenery. If you are taking I-70 most of the way, you can cut up to I-80 via I-71 or I-77 in Ohio. I-71 tends to be more heavily traveled due to being the major connector between Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland.

    A quick search online should help you to find pet friendly motels along the way.

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    Either way you go the scenery is almost the same once you are east of Denver. I 80 would probably have the least amount of traffic with the exception of going around the south edge of the metro Chicago area. Thru Indiana and Ohio I 80 is a toll road. Thru Nebraska it stays pretty close to the Platte river and the old Oregon Trail. There is quite a bit of historical and cowboy stuff that way. I 70 will take you thru Kansas City, St Louis, Indianapolis, and Columbus Oh. Pennsylvania is beautiful this time of year. Either route you will have nice scenery. Part of I 70/76 is a toll road with several tunnels. If you like fall scenery you might consider taking I 90 east from Cleveland. Just east of Erie Pa you pick up I 86{Southern Tier Expressway} to Binghamton NY. There you pick up SR 17 which will take you along the southern edge of the Catskill Mtns to I 87 just south of Newburgh NY.Its a few miles further, but if you like fall scenery its worth the trip. Good Luck!

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    Default The Mother Road

    Let's not forget Route 66. See some Americana.

    And it runs right along interstates, (I-40, I-44, I-55) so you can easily get on and off. It's get you to Chicago.

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