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    my wife and i are planning a 10 day trip to cali. We are flting into LA early and want to spend that day and the next exploring LA. We are then taking the next 4 days to spend driving north up route 1 ending in San Fransisco for the last 3 days. We are both young and adventurouse and I am looking for some info or reccomendations on places to stop, things to do/see along route 1. Any itinerary ideas would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking of spending our 4 nights on rte 1 in the following places - Santa Barbara, San Luis Abispo, Big Sur, Carmel or santa cruz.

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    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    You seem to have a good idea on what you want from the trip and can't go far wrong, it's a great place to travel. I can't help with any specific places to stop but here are some links that may help; Scale of L/A. And things to do in L/A. And here's some info on beaches between L/A and S/F. Although this is S/F to San Diego it should have some useful tips.

    In S/F Pier '39 is quite lively at night with lots of restaurants and I would highly recommend the Alcatraz tour which would be best to book in advance.

    That should get you started but don't hesitate to ask for more help.

    There will be loads more info available by searching the forums.
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    I see you have broken up the stays to essentially equal distances. I would recommend you spend the 2nd night in San Simeon instead and go on the Hearst Castle tour the next day. San Simeon is a tiny little town with some very affordable lodging, they even have a Motel 6.


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