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    Default 2009 3 month trip Planner

    Hi all me and my wife are planning to do a three month trip next year starting (probably) in Boston and taking in the east west Trans Canadian highway through to Seattle then driving back on the Great Northern route on US2 back to Boston. I was hoping for some tips on where to definitely stop over at on this route, also on absolute tourist spots to take in. Any help would be appreciated.

    Sorry just added we intend on starting this trip in August.

    Many thanks in advance


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    Default Great trip idea!

    I'll just focus on the area I know the best, Washington and Idaho. Here's a suggested map of touring those areas. It doesn't put you on Hwy 2 until farther east into Washington state but I think it takes you through some of the more interesting areas of the state. This map is very general and I didn't do all the little detours through the more interesting spots but I can add those later, if you're interested. Some of these suggested stops/routes would be Chuckanut Drive, Olympia National Park, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, White Pass, Grand Coulee Dam, small 4-5 car ferry crossing, Chief Joseph's grave, and more.

    Of course, if you left Seattle going east on Hwy 2, you would go over Steven's Pass and could visit Leavenworth. They are nice but I think my suggestions are better. White Pass is far more impressing than Steven's Pass, imho, for example, and second only to the North Cascades Highway. However, you'd have to do some backtracking north to hook up with that.

    Let me know what interests you in Washington/Idaho and if any of these suggestions appeal to you and I'll work more detail into the map.

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    Thanks Judy this is ideal and the time frame would be perfect I will research those main areas on the internet and have a more detailed look, but this is exactly what I would like for the rest of the journey.

    Input from those who know best,

    thanks again.


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