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    Default August road trip south western US 3 weeks trip

    Hi all this was the trip me and my wife took this year, I have included a website link that shows each days activities including videos. Enjoy

    Roadtrip 2008
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    Default Nicely done!

    Very well laid out with interesting photos and comments. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.

    It would be great if you could post some comments to this thread as well. A wrap-up report.

    I hope you'll revisit us and use your experience to help other travelers.

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    Thanks for your comments, it was a blast. that was our third road trip we have now got the bug big time. So far we have traveled over 15,000 miles over the US and we still feel we have only just scraped the sides.
    I am of course very happy to discuss any element fo this and any other trip we have taken. The next trip is going to be in 2011 and that will be a Harley Davidson trip much the same as the August trip, again there will be a website ion fact its already up and waiting
    and can be seen here

    Any question please post I get instant email notification

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