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  1. Default san francisco via yosemite death valley ending in vegas

    hi i am looking to drive from san francisco stopping at yosemite for a couple of nights then driving through death valley and ending in las vegas i will be traveling at the end of november and have heard there could be road closures at the tioga pass has anyone got alternative routes to still go through death valley if poss and on to vegas?
    i am planning to do this between 2 to 5 days any recommendations of how much time i will need and if i have to take alternative routes because of road closures how much longer will it take?

    so much to do such little time
    thanks mark

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    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    The Tioga pass often closes by this time of year but you will still be able to visit Yosemite valley and Death valley. You can leave Yosemite by the southern entrance and head south on the 41 to Fresno and then the 99 to Bakersfield. You can then either take the 58 and then head North on the 14/395 before heading across Death valley on the 190. Alternatively you could take the 178 to the 395 past Lake Isabella which is quite a convenient spot to stop for the night between the two. If you can spare 5 days then I would use them and not rush it. A couple of days in Yosemite onto Lake Isabella area [Kernville is a lovely little town] and 1 or 2 days in Death valley.

    Furnace creek is a popular place to stay over in the heart of D/V. [Although there aren't many other options.

    Let us know if you need more info.

  3. Default san fransico via yosemite death valley ending in vegas

    Thankyou for your advice Southwest Dave it is most helpfull.
    After looking some more will be taking the 5 days over trip.
    Thanks again for your time.


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    Default You never know !

    Hi Mark, you're welcome.

    There is a chance the Tioga pass may still be open so it might be worth keeping your options open.

    Here's a thread where you can predict the closing date. It also contains opening and closing times for the last few years. As you will see the last 3 years it has been late Nov and last year early December.

    A good choice taking the 5 days, the places you are visiting have breath taking scenery.

    Have a great trip !


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