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    Default SF - Toronto Road Trip, Need Help!

    Hey All,

    New to forums. So, I'm driving from San Francisco to Toronto on Oct. 27th.

    I'd love your help with the following questions:

    1. What's the fastest way to drive from SF to Toronto? Which routes are best?

    2. Anything I should know about crossing the Canadian border?

    I'm excited about the road trip but don't plan on sightseeing. I simply want to get to Toronto as fast as possible. I'll make the return trip to San Francisco the day after Halloween.

    I appreciate any feedback, guys...thanks!


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    The fastest and shortest route would be I 80 to Chicago, I 94 Chicago to Detroit. In Detroit take I 75 South to the Ambassador Bridge Exit. Cross over into Windsor Ontario and take 401 all the way to Toronto. I haven't been across the border since 9/11 so I really don't know how much hassle there will be crossing the border. I will let someone else address that.

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    Default More Paperwork

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Things have gotten more stringent at the US-Canada border, and continue to get tougher. In the very near future (June, 2009 I believe) you will need a passport to cross over. Until then you will need documentation to prove who you are and that you are an American citizen. Typically, this means a drivers license (with photo) AND your birth certificate, but you can check the actual documentation required here. In general you can count on about a half hour's delay to clear customs and immigration, but that can be shorter or longer depending on exactly where you cross, what time of year and time of day, and other conditions.


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    Default My personal opinion...

    Crossing into Canada wont be much of an issue, however, coming back into the States will be an issue, even for an American citizen. Make sure you have all the required documents.

    Ontario passed a law last year where drivers driving 50 KPH (30 MPH) more then the posted speeds are caught will lose their car and drivers license and put in jail. Since we (GTA: Greater Toronto Area) gets a lot of traffic from New York, it is not uncommon to hear of out of towner's loosing their cars and put behind bars. Just be careful of your speed on highways.

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