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    Hey all,
    I've never been on a roadtrip or anything, but I'm very big on the outdoors (mostly camping, backpacking, mountain biking.)
    A friend of mine and I have decided to take a week long trip up to Maine and have a good time. Anyone have any suggestions? The only thing that is definite is stopping at my uncles cabin in Vermont for a day or so to explore there. I here Acadia park is sweet, but what else should I do? I want to drive the coast a bit and just take everything in. We're trying to keep the cost low so we are planning on mostly camping while we are up there.
    Also, any animals we should worry about while camping? Bears etc.?

    we got a semi plan going, we want to try and camp at least once in connecticut, rhode island, mass, new hampshire, vermont then end up in maine for few days, any suggestions?
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Camping in Maine is still on my to do list, however, here is an excellent list of some existing threads about that part of the country that you might find helpful.

    If you're big into the outdoors, then I would follow the same basic guidelines for safety that you would use anywhere (especially with food storage). Seeing a Black Bear wouldn't be totally out of the question, but if you are using common sense practices, it really shouldn't be a problem for you.

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    If you're planning on going from Vt to Me, then I would stop in NH for Mount Washington. Yeah, it's pretty tourist-y, but the view from the top is definitely worth it. You can either hike to the top (which would probably appeal more to your tastes) or drive. Of course, this too depends on when you plan on going.
    As for Maine, Mt. Katahdin is a must. You're guaranteed to run into gorgeous towns if you're following the coast. As a Maine that loves exploring, all I can say is if a road suddenly calls to you, take it, even if you don't know where it leads. Those have always resulted in my most rewarding trips.
    I hope this helps (sorry I couldn't be more specific- all of Maine is beautiful!)

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