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    My mate and i are planning on doing a 2 week round trip road trip from starting and finishing in LA next month. Was wondering with regards to cars are they ipod compatible with the UK or do you have to buy special equipment.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    Default never really thought about it

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    That's a good question, and I'm not 100% sure of the answer. I think they would have the same outputs, so they should be compatable that way, and since you'd be working off of DC power in the car, I think that would work too.

    However, maybe one of our regular posters from the UK might have some first hand experience to confirm. You might also check with your favorite electronics store to see if they know for certain.

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    Default Some thoughts

    Some cars have the iPod integration (removing the need for a power adapter) and others have the 1/8" miniplug adapter. I think the latter is the more common option since it can be used with any device that has that sort of output - and most MP3 players are set up that way.

    Another option is something like the Griffin iTrip which plays the iPod over FM and also provides it with power.


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