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    Hello everyone. This will be my first cross country road trip during thanksgiving week. I plan to drive from california to tennessee: is it fairly safe? I am a female and will be driving with my mom who is deeply concerned. I dont plan to stop for any sight-seeing on the way. Its a 2300 mile drive and I plan to stop every 8 hours to rest and taking off in the morning again. I plan to get there in approx. 4 days. What do you guys think? Is it ok for two ladies getting across on their own? Is there anything I should be concerned about? I am not rushed for time, just want to get there safe and sound :) Any tips/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The subject of safety, especially for women travelling alone comes up fairly often. The best advice that we or anyone else can offer you is that travelling on any highway is just about as safe as travelling on a highway near your home. No one can guarantee that you'll be perfectly safe, but by exercising the same common sense precautions that you would at home you should be fine. After all, everywhere you'll be driving is someone's home. For a little bit more discussion on this, from a single young woman, and a mother of young solo travelers, read these two posts. For more info, have a look at this article. RV or not, the points made there are quite useful and should help convince you that you can make this trip. Just keep those antennae up.


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    Safety comes up on this forum quite often, and it is our general consensus that the best judge of whether or not an area is safe is your own instinct. Buck has given good advice and links to a couple of worthwhile reads.

    Now I imagine the bulk of your travel will be on I-40 - is this correct? Or at least Interstate highway? If that's so, then you will be on highways where thousands of people travel every day, whether commuting to work, going on vacation, or working on the highways (truckers, etc). It is a rare that you will find a stretch of Interstate highway where you are totally alone. I've left the house at 2:30 am on many trips and I'm always surprised at just how many people are on the roads. I would recommend sticking to the daytime hours for your first big trip like this, for the simple reason that nighttime driving has its own unique challenges that would probably just add to your trepidation.

    One other suggestion is to take a couple of breaks within those 8 hours to stretch and relax. I don't mean getting out to fuel up the car and buy a snack, but at least a good 15 minutes, if not more (my favorite is the 30-60 minute break).

    Be prepared to enjoy your trip and witness some interesting things (you'll know them when you see them)!

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    Thank you for the prompt posts. They really brought my confidence up!! And I will be traveling on I-80E mainly :)

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