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    Hey everyone

    Can anyone reccommend a fairly detailed map that covers both Cali and NV (L.A. and Las Vegas in particular). Have looked at the benchmark maps but cant seem to find a definitive answer if they cover more than one state!

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Benchmark maps are great!

    Each atlas covers just one state so you would need to buy one for each state. I love Benchmark maps but not every road-tripper needs them. Are you planning on going off the major roads, maybe even off-road, and exploring more wilderness areas? If so, you would benefit from the Benchmark atlas.

    But if you're sticking to interstates, state highways and other established roads and limiting any explorations to places like state and national parks, you don't really need them. You could easily navigate those types of areas with any good roadmap and maps available when you enter the national/state park at ranger stations.

    I know of no map with Benchmark-like detail that covers both states. Sorry. Maybe someone else will chime in with a recommendation though.

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    Default All Benchmark maps do that

    Quote Originally Posted by bitgiggy View Post
    Have looked at the benchmark maps but cant seem to find a definitive answer if they cover more than one state!
    Benchmark Maps provide the detailed landscape detail for each published state + map of the region (for Nevada it would be "The West") [Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, portions of Montana, Utah, & Arizona] + A map of the USA.


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    Default Bookstore


    Depending on how detailed you were after, we found the Insight travel maps to be adequate for any paved roads, and they can also have more detailed city/park info on them. Anything we found interesting to us that wasn't highlighted on the map we printed from the Internet and used that info alongside the map. We got ours in the travel section of a bookstore in the U.k before leaving. I knew what I wanted but the Internet didn't quite show what you were getting. A bit old fashioned but I still like to see exactly what I am buying and know that it's "fit for purpose" where I can, if you know what I mean.
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    i don't know if this helps, but i just got a American map large scale after advice from PNW Judy. I don't know how detailed you want your map to be, but this one is ideal for us to start to plan our trip. I don't know how good other maps/atlas's are in comparison but don't think they could do a better job than this one.
    Of course if we get lost in some god forsaken desert and die a slow and painfull death, maybe my opinion will change, untill then i stand by my recommendation.

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