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    My partner and I completed our first American road trip this summer starting in Vancouver BC and driving south for four weeks finishing in San Francisco. We now well and truly have ‘the bug’ and are looking for another trip. This time, we only have a week in November.

    I was thinking about Florida – only because I know it’s a lot warmer than the UK at that time of year! We could fly into Orlando, Miami or Ft Lauderdale but would it be a worthwhile trip given that we only have a week? Is there much to see/ do in this area?

    Also, any ideas what’s the rainfall like in November in Florida – I’ve looked on various websites but they seem to give differing information.

    Alternatively are there any other places you would recommend for a warm-ish winter road trip?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Florida is certainly a good place to spend a week in the late Fall. My favorite source for long range (climate) information on places I'm planning on visiting is the Weather Channel. You can ask for weather (current conditions and short range forecasts) by just typing in the name of the city you're interested in. When you get to that page, look for the button for 'Averages' which will give you monthly temperature and rainfall information. Here are Orlando's averages. If you will be based in northern Florida, consider a day trip up to Savannah, Georgia and maybe even an overnight up to Charleston, SC. Other warm weather venues worth looking at for a week include New Mexico, Arizona or southern California.


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    Default Worth it?

    Gosh...yeah, Florida, Arizona and Southern California would all be great choices for a November trip. However, is it worth it for a 1-week trip? Personally, since the flight itself is such a big expense and takes so much time, I would probably wait until I had two weeks. But that's me...if it's worth it to you, go for it. I'd sure be tempted to keep your trip on the east coast in order to minimize the flight time though.

    Here's a roadtrip report for the Florida area written by a fellow Brit. This focuses on Miami and the Florida Keys.

    Have a look and get some ideas. Once you've made some decisions about where and when, come on back with further questions and let us help you tweak things to get the most from your week.


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