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    hi all,,my wife and i are planning a trip from australia to vegas in april 2009,,as its our 1st time to the usa,,we need to know a few things,,,we are landing at lax airport on thursday the 16th,, and plan to stay the night there,,,we wish to drive to vegas on friday for our daughters wedding on saturday,,,,,what i would like to do after the wedding is leave vegas early sunday morning to travel via car to san francisco and be back in la for our flight home wednesday night,,,(we would love to stay longer ),,now this only gives us 4 days/nights,,,we were hoping to stay 2 nights in sanfrancisco and one night elsewhere along the way back to la,,,
    can someone please tell me how long is it to travel to san francisco,,then to la,,,,what attractions can we look at while on the road,,where to stay and go,,any help would be great,,,we love to hear any feedback

    many thanks

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    Default Congrats to your daughter!

    And welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    This post has links to several discussions about the areas you want to visit, routes, and things to do along the way. This is easily the most discussed trip on these forums so there's a lot of information available here. Since you have several months to plan, I suggest you start by reading through those discussions to get some ideas. You might come up with a draft plan and then post it here so we can give you advice specific to your wants and needs.

    If you're interested in enjoying the beaches between San Francisco and Los Angeles, this post has some very helpful information for you.

    It is possible for you to get from Vegas to San Francisco in one day but it's not necessarily recommended. It's just going to be a very long drive. But it's do-able if you really want to get to Frisco quickly to enjoy two days there. It depends on your own stamina and ability to handle long drives. You will also want to have a minimum of two days to go down the coastal route to LA.

    Happy planning.

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    Default Doable, but.......

    Hi there,

    As Judy pointed out you can get to San Fran in a day, but it will be a long day. Your route would be I-15 to Barstow then the 58 to Bakersfield then 99 and 46 to get you on I-5 North for S/F, expect it to be a 10 hour drive. This will only leave Monday to explore S/F as Tues you will need to start heading for L/A for Weds flight, especially if you want to explore some of the coast. That's a lot of miles for one day in S/F, but if that's what you want to do, it can be done. Although there are some lovely places around Vegas to explore, one that springs to mind is a "Big ditch", otherwise known as the Grand canyon.
    You also have such wonders as Death valley, Zion N.P., Bryce canyon nearby, just a thought.

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    ok,,,thanks for all of that,,,,i have now decided that we will stay for a litlle while longer,,,,we will be arriving on the 11th,,,and departing on the
    20th,,this should give us more time to see things,,we are now going to drive from la to san francisco,,then onto vegas,,,im trying to work out a little plan,,and will post it in the next few days,,,,many thanks once again

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    Default Good news


    That's great news, it will be worth it.

    It's worth noting that when you are putting your trip together that a very popular route is to go through Yosemite and cross the sierra's on the 120 [Tioga pass] but unfortunately this, almost certainly, will not be an option for you as the route will still be closed for the season due to snow so heading south for Bakersfield as described earlier is your best choice.
    It may leave you enough time to divert across Death valley though, which is very popular to the fascinating and diverse landscape.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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