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  1. Default Girls road trip from Orlando, fl to Boone, Nc (with young kids)?????

    I am taking a road trip with my one year old daughter and my best friend and her one year old daughter too in a few days. I have never gone to Boone, nc before and would love to know any "great spots" along the way. We love good food, music, coffee, and anything that had to do with the fall season!

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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

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    Definitely check

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    The Great Midwest, Illinois to be precise

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    Welcome to RTA.

    While in NC, definitely stop for some of that great Carolina-style barbeque if you get a chance. Great hushpuppies, slaw, and sweet tea to wash it down with. Now, that's just good eating.

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    Default The High Country of NC

    Hello knl,
    A welcome in advance to the High Country of North Carolina, home of the Appalachian State University Mountaineers, back-to-back-to-back NCAA Division 1A football champions.

    With the wee little ones, some of the more strenuous outdoor activities probably aren't available, but here are a few ideas:

    In Boone, King Street is Main Street, and there are a number of shops and coffee spots there. The ASU campus, adjacent to King Street, offers leafy strolls and places for the kids to romp (or not, if they're still stroller age).

    A short distance south down NC 105 is the turn-off to Valle Crucis and the original location of the Mast General Store. Dry goods and candy and just about everything under the sun can be found at the Mast.

    South down US 321 from Boone lies Blowing Rock, some 10 miles from Boone. There you'll find a nice city park on Main Street with benches overlooking the shops and auction houses. Plenty of places to shop and eat. On the south end of town, towards the Green Park Inn, lies the Canyons restaurant with its views of the Johns River gorge and Grandfather Mountain.

    It's going to be down into the low 30s Sat and Sun morning, so bring your fleece and warmies for the girls, and have a great time visiting my alma mater.


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    Thank you for the good advice! We are leaving this Sat. with a stop over at a friend's in if anyone has any last tips for us let me know!!!!!

    (Foy everything you listed is something we are going to check out so thank you!)

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    Default A bit more.........


    I am also looking forward to this weekend in the High Country, having plans to attend a wedding and reception at the Westglow Spa/Resort and the Green Park Inn, respectively, on Saturday.

    On Sunday morning, my wife and I will drive over to Damascus, VA for a glide down the Virginia Creeper Trail, a rails-to-trails bicycle path featuring a 17 mile descent from Whitetop Gap back to Damascus. The town has many outfitters renting bikes and offering a shuttle to the top, and I recall seeing rentals with child-seats when taking the ride back in May. If you have time and such an activity is appropriate for your little ones, it's a great way to spend a day. With a gentle self-governed pace and lots of stops, the ride is about 3 hours duration. It's 100% downhill and you needn't even pedal until the last 4 miles, where the gradient nearly flattens along a stream. Even there the pedaling is quite easy. Damascus is an hour's drive from Boone, going north on US 421 to Mountain City, TN, thence north to Damascus. Given a civilized start time from Boone, the trip over and back and the shuttle and glide back down would occupy a day's time.

    Closer and easier are some walking/strollering opportunities
    around Blowing Rock. The National Park Service owns the Cone Manor, a beautiful restored residence built by Moses Cone as a summer retreat. The manor house and its grounds overlook Blowing Rock and offer 100 mile views to the south-southeast. Nearby are the Bass Lake and Trout Lake trails, part of a 30 mile network of trails built by Cone as carriage trails within the 6,000 acres of farms and orchards he'd purchased. The trails are designed with only 2-3% grades so are ideal for walking. Cone Manor and the carriage trail network are within 3 miles of downtown Blowing Rock, with the Bass Lake trailhead actually on the edge of town.

    You can also enjoy a beautiful short drive south down the Blue Ridge Parkway to Grandfather Mountain. There is a fee to drive to the top, but there you'll find wildlife habitats (essentially a zoo), the famous "Mile High Swinging Bridge", a museum, and a rigorous trail network. All but the trails can be enjoyed with the children. The views up there are unparalleled.

    Don't forget to dress warmly! Autumn arrives up there today and tomorrow, with a strong cold front anticipated to arrive. Access for custom-tailored weather forecasts for the High Country, plus information about outdoor activities. Ray's is considered the best source of location-specific weather in this difficult to forecast region.


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