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  1. Default Planning a trip from St Louis to New orleans on the GRR

    WAnted to check if you had any suggestions.

    This is what my husband and i are planning :

    fly in from denver to St Louis on 7th . stay on in st louis and then visit hannibal on 8th after which we cross over to illinoi and drive to nashville. stay overnight.

    nashville to memphis.

    cross over to hotsprings and come back again to clarksdale

    see vicksburg and nachez mississippi and drive onto new orleans

    We totally have 4 nights and 5 days.

    do you have suggestions on what we could cut out and also would anyone have an idea on how safe/unsfae the GRR would be especially as we drive deep south.

    look forward to hearing from the group!
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    Just the driving (over 1,500 miles) to get to all the places you've listed would be daunting. And I don't think you really have 5 days. By the time you exclude flying time and getting into and out of airports, you'll have four days at best. That really doesn't leave much time to enjoy all the places you'll be driving to. If I were making this trip, I'd cut out everything not associated with the Great River Road, such as Nashville and Hot Springs - those two destinations alone add an entire day of driving to the trip, even ignoring the time spent in those two cities. If you want to get a feel for the land you'll be visiting (By the way, it's as safe as anywhere in the U.S.), you will need to get out of the car a good bit more than you can with your current itinerary. Hannibal, Natchez, Vicksburg and Memphis could each eat up a day. St Louis could take several. And then there are the less well known small towns such as Ste. Genevieve, MO that would really give you the flavor of life on the Mississippi if only you could spend a little time walking their streets and ridding the ferries across the Big Muddy.


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    If you get down by Sikeston, Missouri, a stop at Lambert's Cafe is a must. This is a real experience, but watch out for flying rolls. They are more than happy to throw you one if you ask for it. Come hungry as there is a lot of good stuff to eat.

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    Thanks for the response! I have decided to leave hot springs and nashville out of the trip. The whole idea is to a get a fell of the "mississippi life". I just hope its not yet been taken over by the Wal marts of the world! With the hurricanes and economic situation, I was glad to hear it is safe to travel there.

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