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    Hello all

    I'm in the very early stages of planning a winter/spring trip through the US, covering as much as I can, over a period of (hopefully) three/four months or so. My embryonic plan is to fly to Boston, travel New England, and head along the northern US, travelling through Chicago, Rockies etc to the West Coast, down through California, and through the southern half of the country, eventually finishing in NYC. I really want to make this a trip of a lifetime, so, if anyone has undertaken something similar, I'd appreciate any tips, must-sees, must-avoids and anything else that comes to mind.


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Before we can really give you good advice, we need to know more about your situation:

    Will you be traveling solo or with another person or group?
    What are the kinds of things you are interested in?
    How much have you budgeted for this trip?
    What did you have in mind for lodging?
    How do you plan to equip yourself with an automobile (purchase, rent, etc)?

    Personally, if I were taking a trip at that time of the year, I'd do a clockwise trip. Start out heading South to take in the early Spring, and end up in the North when the leaves are starting to come out. You'd get to witness nature waking up pretty much everywhere in the country. Those of us in the Northern climes can tell you - February and March aren't exactly warm months.

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