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  1. Default los angeles to grand canyon and back

    hey everybody.
    i live on the east cost and my family will visit from europe in april or may.
    we have only about ten days but they want to see a lot.
    here is their "wishlist"
    los angeles, joshua tree park, monument valley, grand canyon,las vegas, death valley, yosemite, sequoia and back to los angeles

    l.a. might get traded against san francisco, that depends on the cheaper flight...

    will that trip be possible in only ten days and which order might be better? i think that might just be too much for that short time but i don't know what to kick out...i also don't know f a car or rv will make more sense.

    thanks for your help...

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    Default It All Depends

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Like most trips and plans, there are many options and in the end what makes sense to you is what will drive your final decisions. The first question I would have is: How many people are going to be in this group? Usually renting an RV for a few people for a short trip does not work out to be cost effective. If your 'family' is small enough that you can all fit comfortably into a sedan or mini-van, and can be accommodated in a couple of motel rooms, then I think that would be the least expensive way to go. Notice that I did not say the 'best' way to go. That is up to you.

    You could probably hit all your listed destinations in a 10 day loop from either San Francisco or Los Angeles (or Phoenix or Las Vegas). The loop you've listed would work just fine. But here again, your tastes and preferences will guide the final decision. You're looking at around 2,200 miles of driving. So, is everybody going to be comfortable spending many hours a day, on average, on the road? If you fell like you should cut back, I'd suggest dropping Monument Valley and Sequoia (in that order). While both are spectacular, you will get plenty of southwestern desert scenery and mountain conifer forests on this trip without the extra miles entailed in getting to those two specific locations.


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    Default It's always about choices

    Like AZBuck mentions you could make a loop trip that reaches all of those places in 10 days, but you will be spending long hours in the car. You might consider focusing your attention to just the California parks instead. Here are some routing ideas that might be helpful to you.


  4. Default first trip in the west

    hi. my parents and me (from Germany) are going on a road trip from los angeles to san francisco. we have 13 days for our tour. I've been working on the route for a bit but I have no idea if our idea is possible or not. we are going to be travelling in a mini van and two of us can share the driving. here is our planed route:
    1: los angeles
    2: san diego
    3: joshua tree park
    4: grand canyon
    5: monument valley
    6: lake powell
    7: las vegas
    8: death valley
    9: yosemite
    10: lake tahoe
    11: crater lake
    12: lassen volcanic national park
    13. san francisco

    i already booked our motels in los angeles, san diego and in kingman, where we planed to spend the night between joshua tree and grand canyon. I have trouble finding a spot to stay in between lake powell and las vegas. i think it's a pretty long drive? i'd be very thankful for every suggestion... at last it's supposed to be a fun vacation and not torture...
    thanks so much
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  5. Default 13 days and 13 stops?

    I personally think you are cramming too much in these 13 days. I can personally spend all the 13 days in just one park! I would suggest that you pick a few must to do parks and then just do them. That way the pace will be slower and you will enjoy your trip a lot more.

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    Default Way too much !

    Hi glover, welcome back.

    I agree with dinesh, that is way to much to do. You will end up driving past these places with little time to stop at any.

    I would at the very least consider dropping Tahoe, Crater Lake and Lassen, not because they are not spectacular but because you really don't have the time. The distances are quite vast and you are just driving from one place to another, please reconsider !

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