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    Default San Francisco to Las Vegas 10 days by RV.?

    Hi Guys, We're Brits on a 10 day vacation with a RV. Arriving at S.F. and ending up in L.V. What would you suggest as a good route to take in as much of the Parks, Country & Scenes as possible..?? And any recommendations for affordable RV Sites on the way..?? Many thanks in anticipation. Del Boy & Peggy Sue

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    Default A Starter Set

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    That part of the country is particularly possible among RoadTrippers and there have been literally hundreds of posts and discussions of the things to do and see there. Some time ago, I made a list of some of the best of those and that would be a great place for you to see what other people have planned and what you might want to do.


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    Default When are you visiting?

    Hi Del Boy,

    A great trip and a great way to travel it.

    I ask when you are visiting for a couple of reasons. Firstly the popular route is to take the Tioga pass [HWY 120] that crosses the Sierra's from Yosemite en route to Death valley can be closed due to snow anywhere between end of Oct and beginning of June.
    Secondly, if you are going at peak times you will need to book up campgrounds in parks such as Yosemite as early as possible.

    Here is a link to the N.P.S site for Yosemite which contains info on camping. [ You can navigate to all other parks as well]The "pines" campground on the valley floor are in a nice setting not far from the village. Once parked up you can use the free shuttle bus system to get around the valley rather than having to pack everything up each day to move.

    The National park campgrounds are good value in beautiful surroundings but do not expect "resort style" luxuries. Each site normally has a table and bench and fire ring for nights around the fire, but no hook ups, so make sure your water tank is full and the waste tanks empty before arriving.

    How much time you want to spend camping against driving will determine how much you get to see.

    It could like this; San Fran > Yosemite >[Tioga pass] Death valley> Vegas with lots of time to spare. You could add Zion and Bryce before Vegas or even the Grand canyon.

    Or, S/F > Yosemite > Sequoias > [possibly Lake Isabella/Kern]Death valley >
    You could also consider taking in part of the coastal route.

    If you are staying in the R.V. in Las vegas then you might want to "splash out" a bit and stay at The Oasis resort which is fairly well located for the strip. [A $15- $20 cab fare, or they do have a shuttle bus service, but it goes around the houses a bit picking up others from hotels].

    Have a look at the links Buck gave you and come back when you have more questions

    [Can we expect to see Rodney and Grandad of the Trotter clan on this trip]


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