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    Default Instincts.


    I'm hoping that maybe that goes away, because I think I'd get a more full experience getting to know others along the way!
    I think you should trust your instincts, as meeting people along the way is part of the experience. I am of course referring to people you may see in the coffee shops, stores and not night time chats in a parking lot, Lol !
    Strangers mainly aren't that strange, we just haven't got to know them yet. When you are at home you instinctively know where to and where not to go, just use them when you are on the road.

    Here is a link to show you how Serra's trip is going who kindly posted before.

    Once your adventure begins they'll be no holding you back, have a great journey.

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    Hi there! You've made good points! I checked out your itinerary, and you seem to be traveling the same route that I'm going to go. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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    One more thing––did you consider checking out Sedona?

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    Default Some more tips for safe trip

    Quote Originally Posted by offtoarizona View Post
    I think I'd like to get some pepper spray or something like that, too. I'm very wary of strangers, so I don't plan to talk to any along the way
    Like Southwest Dave says, talking to strangers is part and parcel of the road trip experience. The principal thing to remember is that everyplace is someone's home town and if you feel comfortable with being in your home town, you will be fine. Here are some more tips that might lessen some of your worries.


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    Thanks, Mark! I sure could relate to things in the article, and it helped calm some nerves. The pointers were especially helpful. How important do you think the CB radio idea is? I will have a GPS that will I guess hook into a lighter, but that's my only available outside source to hook something up. The reason I'm going is to deliver an old car to someone I know in Arizona and then fly back, so it's not like I could permanently install one.

    Again, thanks so much for the information. This Web site is super!!!!

    Take care,


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