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    Default San Francisco (SFO) to New York City (JFK)

    Hello all,

    I'm new to this site, so apologies if I'm repeating previous questions found within this forum.

    I'm starting to put together a 3-week plan, in September 2009. It's barely underway (I'm looking at rough dates for flight and car rental costs), but I'd like any advice, information, recommendations and anything else you can offer.

    The plan:
    4th September - Flight arrives at SFO. Spend 3 nights in SF.
    8th September - Collect hire-car within SF. Leave for next destination.
    (Dates between 8th and 20th September to be scheduled.)
    21st September - Drop car off within in near to NYC. Spend 4 nights in NYC.
    25th September - Flight from JFK back to London

    So, between the 8th to the 21st September, I need to drive through the US scenery, stopping at a Hotel/Hostel/B&B per night. Admittedly, I haven't much of a clue what's out there, but I think 13 nights / 14 days should be enough time for the approx.3000 mile journey.

    Would any of you be kind enough for recommendations for places to visit? Would you be able to recommend a route (say, the old route 66 for most of the journey) or at least suggest the easiest route.

    If you know of any decent books and website I can read, please tell me.

    If you can also recommend any car-hire companies, that'd be useful.
    I've looked at Alamo, Hertz and Avis... prices are alright. Unsurprisingly, there's a massive one-way fee in each quote... but i can live with that for now.

    Many thanks!

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    Default A world of opportunity's

    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    It's an exciting trip to look forward to and it opens up thousands of opportunity's for places to visit, from natural wonders to city's.

    I think you need to research a little and start to find things that appeal to you as an individual and then we can start putting it together with you.

    Generally it is a 5 day trip across country so you certainly have time for some exploring whats on offer. Here are some links that may help you get started.

    route '66 report. and lots of info here.
    Alternative main route things along I-80. and A link on safe driving distances in a day.

    Of course you may fancy a visit to Vegas and see a lot of the National parks listed here, such as Yosemite, Grand canyon, in Utah there are some amazing parks such as Zion and Bryce that you could visit and head out through the Colorado Rockies, the world is your oyster as they say.

    This site will give you a brief glimpse of what each state has to offer and help you gather some ideas.

    I would do a little more research and get an outline plan going, let us know your main goals/ interests, and we will be able to help you piece it together.

    For car rentals I would just look for the best deal that suits your needs and keep an eye out for "specials".

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    Default Its what we're about

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    When you're talking about a place as large as the US, its hard to start throwing out specific recommendations, simply because you are talking about a huge canvas with millions of great things to pick from. Knowing what you are interested in and what sorts of things you're hoping to see will help narrow things down a bit.

    In the mean time, here's more than 1300 ideas to get you started, and of course you simply can spend some more time browsing around here to find lots of other great ideas that other people have done.

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    Thanks for the welcome and the links - plenty of info' to look into.

    I'm city-boy at heart, so any city along the way must be visited.
    I should have mentioned that it'll just be be my partner and I on this trip.
    She's definitely less of a city-lover in comparison, so I think a decent balance between city/country would be great.

    I'll be spending this weekend going over what's available - those links you've supplied will be a great start. The driving distance link will be incredibly useful.

    One thing I'm concerned about is driving in NYC. This would only be for dropping off the hire-car, but I'm thinking I'd prefer to drop off outside Manhattan and then jump on a train. Can anyone suggest a decent area? Would New Jersey be any good?

    Thanks again... I'll keep you posted with my ideas.

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    Default either or

    I actually think New York is one of the easier major cities to drive in the US, but I wouldn't blame you for just wanting to take the train in either. If you go the Jersey route, I would start by making sure that wherever you might drop off your car is relatively close to a PATH station.

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