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    i am planing a road trip with my wife and two kids around new year and my trip would be from montreal quebec to los angeles
    i am driving a sprinter leisure rv even though i am used to driving in bad
    weather i am still very nervous and unfamiliar to what to expect on the road one more thing i have to make it in 3 days with me and the wife driving i need some advice on what to expect and where to stop if there is enough rest stops on the way and are they safe what kind of weather to expect around christmas
    thank you in advance any information is appreciated

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    Default 1500 km/Day!!!

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There is simply no room for discussion here. Getting from Montréal to Los Angeles in three days of driving is simply not possible, let alone a safe thing to do with a child.


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    Default reason to be nervous

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've got a good reason to be nervous, what you are proposing to do really isn't very safe - and it has nothing to do with the weather.

    Montreal to LA is almost 2900 miles on the most direct route, which is simply too much to do in three days under the best of circumstances. You're looking at having to drive more than 18 hours a day for each of those three days, and that's if you didn't have to worry about weather, and if you were driving a vehicle that is more suited to driving at 75 mph speeds. That's just way way way too much for 2 drivers to safely do.

    Since you're going to be driving in the heart of winter, during the busy holiday travel season, and you're going to be driving a large vehicle that you are unfamiliar with, you aren't starting from anywhere near perfect conditions, making an already impossible task that much more difficult.

    If you need to make this trip in 3 days, then you can't drive it. Not only would it be a miserable experience for your family, you'd really be putting a timetable ahead of the life and safety of yourself, your kids, and everyone else on the road. Please rethink your plans.

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    Montreal to LA in 3 days, in an RV, with 2 kids in the winter. I drove a truck for 30 yrs and I wouldn't even attempt that. Weather will be an issue from the start untill you get to Cajon Pass just north of LA. If you were to luck out and have dry roads all the way all you will be doing is driving with quick stops for food and fuel. Have you and your co driver ever tried to sleep in a large moving vehicle? I know I sure can't. The roads across I 40 in New Mexico and Arizona can be extremely treacherous through the mountains when it starts snowing. I 70 thru Colorado and Utah even more so. Have you ever had to "chain up". Many states out west require chains during periods of snow. Big fines if you get caught without them. If it were me I would take a couple of extra days to make the trip. Good Luck.

  5. Default being carefull

    thank you all for the input.
    i decided either not to drive , or if i drive i would not put any time limit . let it take as long as it takes, but i still have one question, in the winter season which road is safer, i-70 or i-40 , which has more rest areas , which has less of the mountainous roads and also which states require chaines in bad weather.
    being ready and carfull is the way to go!!! also i noticed this book (the next exit 2008 edition ) is it good or there are other recomandations.
    thank you all .

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    Default not one or the other

    There is no one sized fits all "safer" route in winter. Every cross country route, from I-94 to I-10 can see snow or ice. In fact, despite going through the northern plains, often I-80 works out to being the best choice because the weather is snow, instead of ice, and it has a relatively small elevation change.

    The best bet will always be to watch the weather forecast and try to plan your route around the roads that will likely have the best weather when you are traveling. Its not a 100% perfect method, and sometimes there really is no way to avoid bad weather, but its much more effective than just trying to guess a route months in advance

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    Default The Next Exit?

    I've looked at it and toyed with buying it myself. The reason I haven't is that I use the free guidebooks with my AAA membership. While it doesn't break things down by exit, it breaks things down by town and that's close enough for me. I can see where the detail of The Next Exit might be helpful for those who are very brand loyal, i.e. the gas has to be from Chevron, want to eat at Cracker Barrel as much as possible, and so on. Here's a sample page if you haven't seen what's inside. It does seem to have info that might be very helpful for RV travelers.

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