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    On Friday I'm taking a very short road trip to Salt Lake City, Utah from Southern California to visit family. We will be on Highway 15 most of the way. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on geological/historical things to see along the way, particularly off of the 15 freeway in Nevada or Utah (from Vegas to SLC). I've taken the trip to Vegas many times so I'm familiar with everything from LA/OC to Vegas. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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    You will be going through the Virgin River Gorge on the short trip through AZ on I 15. It is very scenic. Another scenic drive would be to exit I 15 at Provo Ut on US 189. This takes you through Provo Canyon, another very scenic drive. Its about 45 miles and will bring you out on I 80 just before Parley Summit a few mile east of SLC.

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    The drive from Las Vegas up to Salt Lake City will take you by two of Americas's best National Parks: Zion and Bryce Canyon, as well as Cedar Breaks National Monument. A scenic alternative to I-15 through central Utah would be I-70/US-89/UT-28 between Cove Fort and Nephi.


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    Thanks so much for the info!!! I've been trying to look stuff up on my own and it's been difficult. It's supposed to snow this weekend in Utah for the first time in the season and I guess it's rare to snow this early on in the year. Wish me a good trip! :)

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    It's probably too late, unless you happen upon a copy at a public library and can check it out, but there are "Roadside Geology of (State Name)" paperbacks for most Western states. They give you the blow-by-blow of what you see from Interstates and major US and State highways. Great travel companions for those of us with rocks in our heads.

    In SLC, at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon (along Wasatch Blvd, just SW of where I-215 loop turns from east to north as it skirts the SE side of SLC and its suburbs), there are markers and signboards telling the story of the Wasatch Fault and the granite intrusions along the fault.

    I have in the recent past come across some Utah Geological Survey web pages describing features viewable from the highways but I don't have the link handy.

    But, by all means, head over to the far SW part of the SLC basin to Kennecott's Bingham Pit, one of the largest open-pit mines on Earth. Way back in the day you could drive to a parking area and observation deck and look all the way to China, or so it seemed. Hopefully that's still available.


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    Thanks so much for the info!

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