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  1. Default moving from Dallas to Oregon in the winter

    I'm posting to see if anyone has tips for the drive I'm taking to move from Dallas, Texas to Portland, Oregon. I'm planning to start the trip the last week of October or the first week of November. A friend from Oregon is coming down to help me with the drive and she's telling me I have to get all sorts of things for my small car.. chains, winter tires, etc. I've lived in Texas all my life so I know nothing about this.

    Any feedback on weather conditions through Colorado? Tips on driving through passes in the winter? Routes to avoid? Do I really need to buy a new set of tires for the one-time drive? Tips on anything would be appreciated really.

    Some details:
    Tenative route - 35 > 70 > 80 > 84
    Car - 2008 Scion TC with stock tires
    When - late October/early November
    Stopping in Boulder, CO to visit some friends
    Very limited experience driving in snow


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    How many miles are on your car? I can't see where an 08 would have tires that are worn too much for the trip. Rotate them before you go so the best pair is on the front if it's a FWD car. There is no need to buy winter tires unless you actually live in heavy snow country.

    Regardless of what you have for tires, if you are taking that route, you should get a set of lightweight cable chains. You should be able to find them at most Walmarts in snow country, plan on about $50. If you want to get them before you go, order them from O'Reilly's auto parts, they will take a week to get and cost around $80.

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    Default Time is Money and Safety

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The thing is, driving in snow takes practice, practice, practice. Neither snow tires nor chains are magic. They will just make you over-confident and get you into trouble. The single best way to deal with driving conditions you are uncomfortable with is to not drive! You can make the trip you are contemplating in four comfortable days of about 550 miles a day. Plan on a fifth day for use to sit put if the weather turns nasty. Then if you get past halfway and the weather still looks clear for the next few days, take the opportunity to take some side trips and visit some of the great sights you'll be passing near such as Great Salt Lake, and the Snake and Columbia River valleys.


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    Depending on the state and the weather conditions, sometimes you must have chains in your car to take certain roads regardless of the exact current conditions. For this reason alone, it would be wise to have them available "just in case" - conditions can change drastically in a short period of time. Dedicated winter tires are not necessary as long as your tires have an "all season" rating - most factory tires do these days.

    If your friend is an experienced winter driver, that gives you a bit more flexibility.

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    Default Preparation.

    Hi there,
    Here you can find some good info for winter driving in which you will also find other links to help with preparation. It also pays to check the weather forcasts before heading out by using sites such as this one.

    Allow yourself time so that you don't feel rushed and have a safe journey.

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    Late October - early November. You should not have a problem with winter weather. Still, make sure you are totally prepared with chains, flares, tarps, etc. But unless you get hammered with a big winter storm early, the weather should be fine.

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