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    We are new to road tripping with kids and are planning our first extensive Spring Break road trip in March 2009. We have 9-days and would like to do Chicago to Vegas through Denver and come back through the Grand Canyon and hit some Rte. 66 stops back home. Is this too ambitious? Any suggestions?

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    Default Yep, Too Much

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    It's about 1750 miles between Chicago and Las Vegas through Denver and over 2000 by way of the Grand Canyon and the route of the highway formerly known as US-66. That is a minimum of 7 days on the road, especially with children, leaving only two days for sight seeing to any extent, Yeah, I think you're being a bit ambitious. For a trip with much the same flavor, but considerably closer to home, I'd suggest western South Dakota. Just don't be tempted to try to push it all the way to Yellowstone!


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    You need 2 days just to do the Grand Canyon right.

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