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    I'm planning a road trip to Boulder, NV (just outside of Vegas) from Sunnyvale. The quickest way to get there would be passing Mojave National Park but I could add a few hours and go through Death Valley instead.

    I will be doing a triathlon at Lake Mead that Sunday so I wouldn't want to do anything that involves too much hiking or exertion (I need to save my legs) So this would be a strictly driving for scenery trip. I plan on leaving really early on Wednesday and have dinner plans with friends in Boulder on Thursday. This does not give me a lot of time.

    Is Death Valley so much more beautiful than Mojave that I should add the extra 3 hours to my trip and spend Wednesday night somewhere around there or should I just take the shorter trip through Mojave. Of course....Death Valley could be so beautiful that I should save it for another road trip so that I could spend a few days there.

    Thanks for your advice

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    Seeing either Death Valley National Park or Mojave National Preserve on the way to Boulder would add about 100 miles to your trip and push it just over the realm of what would be comfortable to do in a day. Remember that while you don't want to wear yourself out before your competition, neither do you want to just sit inactive all day. For my money, I'd do Death Valley, approaching it by first taking CA-14/US-395 north from just east of Tehachapi to Olancha and then using CA-190 (and 'local' roads) to Parhump, finishing up on NV-160 into Las Vegas/Boulder. This is as scenic a route as I think you're likely to find. Two days is actually a goodly amount of time for such a trip, so be sure to take the time for some short strolls just to stretch your legs along the way.


  3. Default Valley of Fire

    North of Vegas is Valley of Fire State Park....about 50 miles. It is easy to get to and stunning. It's got lots of short hikes.
    Another area even closer is the Red Rock Canyon which also is can get a little crowded on weekends but offers some hikes that are usually quiet once you get away from the loop road.
    I recommend both of these areas to anyone visiting's a world of difference from what most visitors to Vegas expect. Red Rock Canyon is on the route to Death Valley also.

    Have Fun

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