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    Hello Guys,

    Firstly, I am completely new to Roadtrips. Secondly, I have never travelled on icey, snowy roads either.

    I need to relocate to San Jose from Dallas in december and am thinking of travelling by road. I own 98 Accord with 140k miles on it!! Big question is, shall I try on that sort of thing? If at all, then is route through I40 better or through I20-I10? (I read somewhere that I40 has problem of ice during winter)

    I need you help, guidance, suggestions, ideas. Any input is valuable.
    Thanks in advance!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There really isn't that much to choose from between the I-10/I-20 route and the I-40 route. The southern route is about 80 miles longer, but is all Interstate; the northern route includes a good sized chunk of US-287 up to Amarillo. At about 1750 miles you'd need a minimum of three days to make this trip under the best of weather conditions. You are correct to at least consider what to do if things are less than ideal. The problem is that both routes are subject to adverse conditions, including icing. The only way to know what the weather will be like on the two routes is to wait until two or three days before you start out to check the forecasts, prior to that they won't mean much, and only then decide which highway to use. Even more important is to give yourself an extra (fourth) day to make the trip so that if you do run into road conditions that you are uncomfortable with, you can just sit out a day. All that being said, you should know that the Interstates are the first roads cleared in the event of snow or ice and I doubt that you'd even have to sit out a full day. In the end, I'm pretty sure that you can make this trip without insurmountable problems, just give yourself the time, information, and options that will let you make it safely.


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    AZBuck has given you excellent advice about winter-driving, now you just need to ensure your car is good to go. There's no reason that a car with 140k miles can't be safe and road-worthy. You should get a thorough tune-up and let your mechanic know that you are going on a longer trip so they pay a bit attention to items that might need to be fixed to keep you from having a breakdown. Be especially attentive to your tires as they are critical for safety is you confront ice or wet roads. Your alignment and brakes are key as well. And any good mechanic will know what to look for.

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    Thanks AZBuck and PNW Judy for your input. Now I feel little bit more encouraged abt the plan.

    Any other inputs you feel important are very much welcome!


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