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  1. Default North West Roadtrip from Vancover to Alberta via Oregon Coast and Yellowstone

    My boyfriend and I are embarking next week on a 2-3 week roadtrip throughout the Great North West. We plan to depart Vancouver and head south to Seattle, continue south along the Oregon Coast, head east to hit Crater Lake, continue east through Idaho, entering Yellowstone from the west and exiting via the north, into Montana. From Montana we'll cross into Alberta, eventually making it home to Revelstoke.

    We would very much appreciate any info you have on must-see stops, places to stay, things to do. We have plenty of time and will have camping equipment with us. Feel free to recommend other lodgings to give us a break from the tent sites!

    Many thanks, Lou

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    Default Lovely trip!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    This post has links to several discussions about some of the things to see/do in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. You should get a lot of ideas from them.

    Also, check out this roadtrip report about Southern Idaho. And this one about Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah.

    I know this will help you in your planning. We would be glad to give more specific recommendations if you could give us a better idea of what types of places you want to see, what your interests are, etc. Then we could identify things that will suit you better. Everybody's must-sees are different so it's hard to answer this question without more information.

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