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  1. Default Huge Road Trip in planning!

    So here it is.

    I'm planning a road trip for a few years time.

    I hope to visit every state in America and every capital; but I also want to do the full Route 66.
    The thing is I can't decide on a route, so I'd like if you guys could suggest a route to me, in which I can visit every state, do Route 66, and eventually finish in California.

    At the moment I live in Ireland, and have never been to America, but it's where I want to move to [actually more like have a base, but that's another story] in a few years when I'm old enough, so I don't know much about what route[s] I should take.

    I'll be doing it in 3 custom-built buses.

    And since it will probably take a year or more, what would be the best time to start and finish?

    I am aware of the time it will take, and the price, but I have it all covered so don't worry!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Default Where can I get a bus custom built?

    From what company, and where, can I get a custom-built bus?

    I want three of them.

    Large buses, which will be used for roadtrips, so I want to have beds, kitchens, etc. In them.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default How are you financing this adventure?

    Quote Originally Posted by Darren View Post
    I hope to visit every state in America and every capital;
    Well, the first part is easy -- here is a route that swings by every USA capital in the continental USA. If you go to this site you can find a route that goes to every USA state (but not necessarily the capitals)
    but I also want to do the full Route 66.
    That's not that hard a challenge -- here is a site that talks about that -- I think you'ld be better challenged by following the entire Lincoln Highway from New York City to San Francisco.
    I'll be doing it in 3 custom-built buses.
    You will have three custom-built buses? It is going to take a year -- how much money are you planning to set aside for this adventure? Depending upon what is going to be these custom-built buses, you could be looking at 1/2 million US dollars....


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    Default Why wouldn't you just use standard RV's

    Quote Originally Posted by Darren View Post
    Large buses, which will be used for roadtrips, so I want to have beds, kitchens, etc. In them.
    There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of custom vehicle fabricators -- but why aren't you just using some class A RVs -- built on bus chassis? Here is a discussion about the kinds of RVs available.


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    Default odd request

    I have to agree that I'm a little puzzled by the "3 custom built buses" request. Why not use RVs, and more importantly, how many people do you expect to be traveling with that you'd need 3 buses? I think Mark's estimate of a Half Million Dollars could even be on the low side for something of that exotic nature.

    How long do you also plan to be on the road? Obviously, an every state capitol trip would take some time anyway, but I do think you'll have to approach that challenge as a separate one from route 66, if you intend to follow the entire classic highway. Route 66 only passes through 2 state capitals along its entire length, so I don't think you could really drive all of the highway while searching for capitals without doing a lot of back tracking. If you are willing just to drive sections of the route, you'd have a few more options.

  6. Default

    This sounds so awesome! Good on you, I hope it all works out ace!

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    I have a relative who custom-built a bus for himself.

    The plan started when he decided he wanted to buy a couple buffalo. He bought an old school bus, removed the seats, then welded in super-strong metal bars to keep the animals in the back while he was driving. He allowed space in the few front seats for a mattress and other items for himself.

    He drove alllll the way out west, bought five buffalo calves, and drove allllll the way back east with them. Just him and the buffalo. I think he's nuts!

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    Default Oh, this made me laugh!

    I sure hope it was in the summer and warm enough to drive with the windows down...and sleep with 'em down, too. I've been around buffalo. Cows smell like perfume in comparison. :)

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    Default Every State...

    Good on you. It'll take a year to plan the trip. North in summer and south in winter. There are some amazing scenic drives which I have done and would do over and over. I look forward to hearing all about it when it happens.
    I found a car and cheap (ie Motel 6) was cheaper than an RV, with the prices of gas and campground costings. Plus you can take the car everywhere with RVs/buses limited. That's another thing to look into. Our plan was nibblies for breakfast (ie fruit), buffet at a truck stop around 11.30, and a supermarket for rolls, meats and salads for dinner. It's amazing how you can travel so far, so cheaply if you do lots of homework.

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