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  1. Default gas shortage in south?

    This is my first post, but I have done many roadtrips before, with the help of the Great American Roadtrip Forum. I'm about to embark on another road trip, and it's a cross-country trip -- from LA to NJ. I want to take either a southern route (the 10 or 40 east and then up through DC, etc) or a northern route through Denver (and end up using 80E).

    I've read about gas shortages in Atlanta and Nashville, and I was wondering if taking a southern route would be more difficult because of gas shortages.
    Any thoughts?



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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    It is definitely possible that the gas shortages of which you speak would make your trip more difficult, but that all depends on when you are planning on making this trip. I'd say that if it is within the next two weeks, then go for the Northern route; otherwise,the situation may be stabilized by then. It's hard to say at this point, since it seems like at least some of this situation is being caused by overreaction on the part of drivers in the area.

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    I'm leaving LA on Oct 6.

    If I take the southern route, I'd stop in New Orleans (visit family) and then head up to NJ.
    I just didn't want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere if gas stations were going empty.

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    Default My Experience

    I live in Shreveport,LA and made the treck down to Galveston, Texas for the re-opening of the island. I have had no problems getting gas. I'm guessing that these gas shortages are more local than widespread. I've seen signs asking that you get no more than 10 gallons at a time, but even those are disappearing.

    You might worry less taking a more northerly route, but I think you'd be fine taking a southern route as well. Just top off your tank everytime you get down to about 1/2 full just in case.

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    Default Localized shortages

    According to local and national news Friday evening, the shortages are most acute in Charlotte, Nashville and a few other cities. The specifics were said to be that these cities are at the far end of their distributor's routes stemming from the Colonial Pipeline, which in turn is supplied mostly from the Galveston/Beaumont TX refineries. The expectation is the shortages will be cleared up within a week and that furthermore prices will fall to the $3.50/gallon range.


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    Default Appreciate the updates!

    We leave Oct 3 taking a northern route from Arkansas to New England states for two weeks - we've been planning to come home through Asheville and across TN - it sounds like this should be resolved by the time we start home around Oct 17?

  7. Default Asheville

    Hi -

    I have friends in Asheville and they say they have problems at the big chain stations but that in all the small stations there aren't lines or problems. I was there just as the crisis started before heading north and within 50 miles there was plenty of gas. Good time to do that drive through NC and TN, maybe because of the drought the colors will almost be in place on the trees. If you want a cool little undeveloped river town to check out look into Marshall, NC - just north of Asheville on the French Broad. Just spent several months there and such a beautiful place.

    Have fun.

  8. Default thanks!!

    Thanks everyone for the input! I'm going to take the southern route. Hopefully everything will be fine.. :)

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    Default Reply to JohnnyQuest

    Thanks - sounds like we'll all be just fine! I got to drive around the French Broad river several years ago during the summer time it was a beautiful place!
    We have no plans other than to work our way back home so that may be just the ticket! Appreciate the suggestion!

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    Default Shortages in Memphis now?

    Central Arkansas news this morning reporting shortages in Memphis, TN now. Anybody else heard that?

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