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    Default Roadtrip Route 66 branch off to Vegas

    Hi all,

    Looking to fly into Chicago in May 2009 and travel Route 66 over a couple of weeks but want to branch off before the end of the Route and go to Las Vegas via Grand Canyon. Where would be the best place to reroute- Flagstaff?? or earlier??

    Flying in and renting car to collect in Chicago and then return in Vegas.

    Any tips or advice would be appreciated. As you can see my request is a little different to some others as I've tried a general search and couldn't see anything similar.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Here ya go!

    Either US-93 just west of Kingman, AZ, or US-95, about 10 miles west of Needles, CA, would be good. Both are around 110 miles. If you take 93, you can see Hoover Dam which is pretty cool.

    These suggestions are based on the assumption that you're planning on going to Vegas and back to I-40 via the same route in order to not miss any of Route 66 (I-40). If so, these are probably your best options.

    If not, and if you're not worried about missing part of the Mother Road, then there are lots of other options. For example, one that includes Grand Canyon and Zion before circling into Vegas. Does an option like this interest you?

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    Thanks for that, going to Vegas and flying home from there.

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    Default Circle through Grand Canyon

    A year ago I was advised to turn north off of I-40 onto US 89 at Flagstaff, run to Cameron, AZ, thence AZ 64 to the east entrance of GCNP. That becomes the main drag along the South Rim and accesses all of the view points and terminates at the Village at the main entrance. From there, it's back south to Williams, AZ. I-40 runs from Williams directly to Kingman, but Route 66 does not parallel it in that part of AZ. Instead, Route 66 swings farther north then re-intersects I-40 at Kingman. The US 93 route to Hoover Dam and Vegas is worthwhile, but check ahead for traffic conditions as from time to time the construction process involved with the new bridge over the dam can delay traffic. Absent significant delays, the opportunity to cross the dam and stop and look around, even if you don't do a tour, is one you'll be glad you took. When there are traffic delays, crossing into CA and going up US 95 to Vegas is the only option, I think.

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip.


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    Default Flying home from Vegas?

    OK...I thought you were driving onto the Santa Monica Pier.

    I think Foy's suggestion is great. If you have enough time, you might consider another option.

    With 3 days, you could see the Grand Canyon, Bryce NP, and Zion NP on your way to Vegas. You could even do it in two if you take more of a whistle-stop type of tour but that would be pushing it, imho. In other words, do-able but not as much fun as it would be if you took the extra time. Check it out.

    If you have time, you could also take the southern route from Page to Kanab and take in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon instead. I guess it depends on how early in the spring you're traveling as the North Rim is closed in the winter due to snow. I'm unsure of when it typically re-opens.

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    Default Williams, Az to Grand Canyon

    Williams is a great old Route 66 town and a nice drive to the Grand Canyon.

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    Thanks guys for all your advice. Probably going to get one of the maps/guidebooks that they sell on Amazon to help me plan.

    It will pretty much be from Chicago to Flagstaff and North from there with a few days at Vegas before home.

    Any advice or pointers on the best Route 66 map then please let me know, a lot of them are very much alike and as long as I get a basic guide to get on my way, then I will be a happy camper!!

    Sorry mods if I shouldn't post a link to another site, please remove if against the rules, but I saw this which I thought was quite interesting.


    [Editor's Note: This is probably the best site for planning Route 66 trips]
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    Hey Timster, me and a few buddies did Route 66 in May / June of this year.

    We did the detour to the Grand Canyon (South Rim) and Las Vegas also. That part of our itinerary was as follows:

    Friday - Stay in Holbrook, AZ

    Saturday - Leave Holbrook and follow the Route through Flagtaff & Williams and head to the Grand Canyon Village. One night at the Red Feather Lodge (in the GC village and reasonably priced)

    Sunday - We had a Canyon plane flight at 11.30am and then hit the road approx 12.45pm to head back to the route. We picked the Route up again and followed the loop around Peach Springs, etc down to Kingman. (You can bypass this and get to Kingman quicker). We decided to stay the night in Kingman although you could continue to Vegas in about 1hr 1/2 - 2hrs.

    Monday - Left Kingman, AZ and headed to the Hoover Dam, hour or so there and then in the Car and onward to Vegas. We were there and checked in by 3pm.

    Any other tips or advice you may need I'll be happy to help!

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