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    Default Suggestions for Winter road trip from Calgary to Las Vegas

    We're planning a road trip from calgary to las vegas in december. Can you give me some ideas and what to watch out for with respect to road conditions. How bad could the roads get on the I15 at the time. what's the safest way to travel. how long would it take us to get there. would we be able to drive 8 hours a day at this time of year. Any suggestions would be appreciated. What are some affordable hotels to stay in.



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    Default Should be a great drive!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    It's always possible that weather can effect a winter roadtrip. The trip is about 1300 miles so I would allow three days to make the drive, weather permitting. It's always wise to have some extra time available for a winter roadtrip in case weather closes or slows down traffic. Interstates in the US are generally kept clear due to transport of goods on these roads. However, that doesn't mean that a storm can't temporarily close a road or create conditions in which driving speeds should be very slow due to ice/snow. So, in the winter, it's a good idea to have a 4th day available for this drive if you have a temporary lay-over or simply must drive more slowly for safety.

    If you live in Calgary, I would imagine you're adept at driving in winter conditions. Even so, these tips might be helpful.

    Watch the weather reports the night before and morning of so you know what to expect ahead and plan your driving for that day accordingly. Many states use 511 as the number you can call to get traffic condition information via phone. Since not all states use that number, you might want to google the states you'll be driving through and jot down the alternative number they use, if applicable.

    I see no reason why you can't drive for 8 hours each day unless weather conditions require you to get off the road for awhile.

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    Thanks for the reply
    If we were to drive about 8 hours a day and the roads were clear, what are some interesting cities that we would stop by on our way. Would you advise us to book the hotels in advance or should we just drive and depending on the town or city we arrive at find a hotel in the area.

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    Default las vegas to calgary december 22

    Hello everyone,
    So we booked our trip to Vegas. Here's our plan. Does it sound realistic? Please advise me considering the weather for that week:

    We leave calgary december 22 and drive to Butte Montana. Stay for 1 night. Then on December 23 drive from Butte to Salt Lake City. Stay for 1 night.
    December 24 drive from Salt Lake City to Vegas.

    The way back:
    December 29 Las vegas to Salt Lake city. Stay 1 night
    December 30 Salt Lake city to Helena. Stay 1 night
    Helena to Calgary

    We did install winter tires. Do we need chains considering driving on the I 15 all the way through


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    That is very doable in 3 days driving 8 hours a day, weather permitting. It's 19 hours with no stops at all (1300 miles). Long range forecast right now for the trip down shows quite a bit of snow. It would not hurt to have a set of chains with you just in case.

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    I would be interested in hearing any reports on your trip/driving conditions...that if you are checking this site from your stops along the way. Thanks

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