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    We're a party of four Swedes taking a road trip vacation in November. Our original plan was to go from NY via Atlantic City, Philly, Washington, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit and end up in Chicago. But now we’re thinking about skipping Cleveland and going via Buffalo in to Canada and then north of Lake Erie to Detroit. This way we can see the Niagara Falls and get a small glint of Canada. We didn’t really have any business in Cleveland anyway.

    Will we have any problems driving in to Canada with our US rental? We’re all European citizens (Swedes).

    Do you have any comments on our route or suggestions what not to miss out along the way? So far we’ve only booked two hockey games (NY, Det), a Giants game and I think it was a NBA game in either Washington or Philly.

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    Sorry, I don't have direct answer for you, but here is the link to Customs Canada Web site which may answer your question. If not, phone them, at their Niagara Falls office and you should be able to get correct answer.

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    Default rental contract is king

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As long as you are not a Canadian Citizen, driving a rental car across the border won't be a problem with the border authorities. (There are rules preventing a Canadian Citizen from driving an American Rental Car in Canada, but that's really the only restriction I'm aware of)

    The real area of concern will be with your rental agency. Not all companies will allow you to take the car into Canada, and the ones who do may charge an additional fee. This is something that you will have to check on with the company you are planning to rent from, and you will need to make sure that your rental contract says that travel into Canada is allowed.

    If you do decide to go into Canada, I think I would make some time to take the short detour to Toronto. Its a very fun and interesting city, and if you want to watch Hockey, I think seeing a game in Canada would be fun. I believe Toronto is also home to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

    Also as some potential sports additions, you might try fitting in a college game or two, to see how the experience is different from a pro game. The College Football, Basketball, and Hockey seasons will all be underway during November.

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    Thank you fellas!

    Really appreciate the input. We've changed the route now to stay a night in Toronto. We booked our rental thru some agency, but I think I've figured out its Alamo providing the car. Will email them our question. I'm sure its possible to drive in to Canada ... for a small additional fee of course :)

    Anyway, thanks again! See you on the road

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