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    Default San Fran to Portland, OR - Need Suggestions!!


    My boyfriend and I are moving from Venice, California to Portland, OR in 2 weeks. We've got our trip planned up to San Francisco (stopping at Montana de Oro along the way) but we have NEVER been beyond San Fran. Researching online was very daunting!

    We want to travel along the coast. So far I'm intrigued by Point Reyes, Fort Bragg and Glass Beach, Eureka, and Crescent City. Haven't a clue what to do when we cross over into Oregon.

    I should also mention we will be camping in a tent, no motels or hotels on this road trip!

    Any recommendations for the places I mentioned, or others? Please help us!
    Thanks a bunch!

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    Default Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

    And welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    Personally, I would recommend enjoying the northern part of the California coast from San Francisco north and then just traveling part of the way up the coast of Oregon...maybe going inland at Florence, OR. My reason? There is just way too much to see and do along the Oregon Coast. It's amazing. And you can easily explore the mid- to northern sections of the Oregon Coast on weekend trips from Portland.

    All the places you've mentioned are good. I would follow CA-1 north until you have to switch to 101 for the best views. After that, 101 hugs the coast most of the way and will give you more fantastic coastal vistas.

    When on the Nor-Cal coast, don't forget all the Redwood forests to explore. Each is a bit different and, if you have time for them all, you should really enjoy it. A quirky, fun thing to do are the drive-through trees.

    Once you enter Oregon, just a few of the fun stops that jump out at me are:
    * Brookings - charming town
    * Gold Beach - lots of great river trips
    * Bandon - another charming town with amazing beaches
    * Umpqua Lighthouse
    * Oregon Dunes National Rec area - you can rent various individual sand-trackers and other vehicles to play in the dunes or get rides in big, bouncy ex-military vehicles. It's a hoot.

    Now, these are only some highlights that jump out at me. There's lots more you'll discover along the way.

    If you have a lot of time for this trip, you could certainly considering going all the way to Portland via the coast but I still think your time would be best spent focusing on the areas that are a bit too far away for a weekend trip.

    Once you settle in, you might also enjoy day-trips or weekends in the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. St. Helen's, and the SW WA coast/Long Beach Peninsula in addition to the northern OR coast.

    Keep asking questions.

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