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    Default back road Park City to Brighton, UT

    Hi, I noticed there is a way, marsac ave and guardsman pass that connect Park City and Brighton. Does anyone know if this is passable in the winter? Google keeps sending me via Salt Lake City.
    thank you

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    Default Not in Winter, No

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    Guardsman Pass is normally closed between October and May each year. The long way 'round is the only way.


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    Default Oh yeah, definitely and always closed in winter

    And if you're staying in the Park City vicinity and skiing either of the Cottonwood Canyons, where Brighton & Solitude are in Big Cottonwood Canyon and Snowbird and Alta are in Little Cottonwood Canyon, be advised it's a good hour's drive from PC to the ski resorts in either canyon. Longer if you ski "banker's hours" and don't arrive at the mouth of the canyon until 9-ish in the morning. Longer still if the snow's flying in the morning down low.

    When we ski either canyon, we leave Park City by 0730 at the latest, preferably 0700.


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