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  1. Default how to buy a car?


    I've been in the east cost for the past 6 mo.

    i want to buy a car in NYC area and travel with it to the west coast for about 5-6 mo.

    i was thinking about a small RV or an SUV, so i coulde sleep in it ones or twice...

    i will start travel at begining of Oct. I have no S.S number only valide forgien lisence and International Driver lisence.

    I want to buy, not to rent...

    Any info. will be great...


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    Default how?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Buying the car is the easy part. You show up at a dealership, you find a car you like, and pay an agreed price for the car.

    The red tape is the hard part. You have to pay taxes, get the car licensed, find insurance, etc. One of the hardest parts of that is getting a US address to serve as a home base for all of the paper work. If you've already been in the US for 6 months, then presumably you have some sort of address that you can use. You might also find that getting a US drivers license could make the process easier.

    Otherwise, I'd recommend contacting the DMV of the state where you are to find out what paperwork you might need, and what tips they may have for your specific situation, I'd contact an insurance agent so you get an idea of what you'll have to pay -not having a US driving records will likely result in a pretty high rate-, and I'd remember that this won't be a cheap process. Between the taxes, license, insurance, money for pre-purchase inspection by a mechanic, money for repairs and maintenance while you're on the road, and the amount you'll likely lose in resale, the process is a lot more expensive than just buying a car, putting gas in it, and thinking you'll get near the same amount of money when you sell the car at the end of your trip.


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