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  1. Default Planning a trip from Mn to California and concerned about driving in colorado in Oct.

    Hi everyone. Im new to this ROADTRIP America. I am taking I-76 S, I-70 W. from Minnesota to California. I think thats the 2 main highways that run through Colorado. My concern is driving in late October through the Mountains. Im extremely terrified of losing control and going off a cliff because of the ice and snow..I have heard that Colorado has some pretty intence snow storms in late October and that is what worries me. I will just be driving a honda civic..Any thoughts would be greatly appriciated!


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    Default Be prepared and relaxed.

    Hello and welcome to R.T.A.

    The weather is unpredictable and you should leave prepared and aware, but not in fear. This will only cause anxiety and tension and make the journey feel tiresome, instead take enjoyment from the trip.
    Allow your self plenty of time so you don't feel hurried and drive at the pace you are comfortable with. These roads are travelled all the time by thousands of motorists, safely.
    The main routes are also the priority for keeping open and clear of snow and ice, if indeed there is any about. The risk of ice is greater if you plan to drive late into the night or leave early morning when the temps are down and little traffic keeping the road "trodden". Check the weather and road conditions before leaving and update if you can on the road if you feel there is need for concern, there is a good chance there won't be.

    Here are some great tips for winter driving.

    Have a safe and enjoyable journey
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    Default interstates

    The "I" in I-76 and I-70 stands for interstate highway. All interstate highways are at least 4 lanes and are built with gradual slopes and curves. There will be no switchbacks or cliffs, and really, the drive shouldn't be any more challenging than say driving on I-35 between Minneapolis and Duluth.

    While I don't think you should have anything to worry about, if you are that concerned about the trip, you could always use I-80 across Wyoming instead.

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