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    Default Road Trip nxt year*

    Hey i am new to this need so advice plz!

    My name is nicola i am from Ireland and I am going to Miami In June of Next Year with 6 of my friends and plan to drive from Miami to Vegas we have 3 weeks to travel but really dont know much about the route !!

    Any ideas?? :)

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    Default Seven people?

    Quote Originally Posted by Blondienic View Post
    My name is nicola i am from Ireland and I am going to Miami In June of Next Year with 6 of my friends
    Seven adults? What kind of vehicle were you planning on using? There are several routes you can consider for the three week span -- what kinds of things and places interest you?


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    Default Re:Road Trip

    Well basically we are renting two camper vans between the 7 of us.
    So we want to see the Grand Canyon, Florida, & Vegas. I dont really know of any other attractions that way would love to go to LA and san francisco and california but im sure thats not possible in 3 weeks!??

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    Default An Outline

    Céad Míle Fáilte!

    The most straightforward route from Miami to Las Vegas is to just follow I-75 north through Florida to I-10 and then head west. At Phoenix, AZ you'd head north on I-17 to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon area. From there I-40 and US-93 would take you to Las Vegas. The whole area in the Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles triangle has been amply described elsewhere. Certainly this once-across-the-continent trip can be done in three weeks with plenty of time to stop and see the sights.

    There are a couple of alternatives to just following I-10. One is to head north and get on I-40 a bit sooner and such a route, say using I-75/US-82/US-45/US-78 up to Memphis, would let you see more of the Deep South of the US. Another would be to use I-49 from I-10 in Louisiana up to I-20 through central rather than southern Texas. There are other choices as well. The beauty of having two campers is that if you all split down the middle on which way to go, you can go two separate ways and agree to meet back up at a given motel on a given night.

    But, as Mark pointed out, with literally thousands of possibilities for interesting stops, we'd need to know what interests you all.


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    Default Summer Trip

    Personally i would love to see some beaches odviously, a sea world like with dolphins , hoover dam, grand canyon , Key west, disney land and just see a few sights that i would never see here in Ireland. Just basically all touristy stops but we want to have enough time to enjoy them aswell :)

    Apart from 2 people this is the first time 5 of us have been in america so we just want 3 weeks of Fun.


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    Default In That Case

    You'll probably do best by sticking to I-10 (more or less) to see some of the Gulf Coast, bayous, and desert Southwest. Some specific places you should look into include SeaWorld of Florida or Texas, the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge, Gulf Islands National Seashore, New Orleans, the Creole Nature Trail, the Alamo, Big Bend National Park, Kartchner Caverns, and Saguaro National Park on your way to the Grand Canyon.


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    Default Thanx

    Thank You so much for your help im sure i will need a lot more before next june :o)


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    What made you pick Miami as your starting destination?

    If it's not set in stone, I'd suggest you re-consider and begin in Orlando. By starting out there, you'll still have the experience of visiting the touristy Sunshine State, you'll be close to Disney, the Space Coast, and the beaches. However, located in the middle of Florida, Orlando'd save you a whole day's driving -- time you could use in other parts of the country.

    Since you mentioned beaches, you might want to hit the Cocoa Beach area, then -- if you're heading towards the Florida panhandle -- try the Fort Walton area, which is known as the Emerald Coast -- you'll understand when you see the green water -- and has a totally different feel.

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