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  1. Default Visitors Guides for National Parks/Areas

    Hi Guys,

    I am planning a trip through various locations and fonud on the Death Valley national park website a useful guide to print...

    Visitor guide

    Are there any other parks in california that have guides like this...

    for Sequia, Yosemite, Mojave etc etc?

    They are very useful and put a lot of information in one useful PDF!

    Information greatfully received!


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    Default National park website.

    Hi Rich,
    The Death valley visitor guide I linked you to in your other thread was taken from the National parks website. Navigate your way to the parks you are visiting and look for "Planning your visit" or "Brochures" and quite a few have the PDF information sheets.

    They are indeed very useful and informative for park visits.


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    yeah i had a look at all the national parks and i couldn't really find anything as concise and useful as the death valley one which is dissapointing :(

    I have now ordered a lonley planet las vegas and california guide :D

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    Default Yeah, they do

    Here's one for Yosemite. They do a new one every 2 months.

    Here's the one for Sequoia/King's Canyon. They do a new one each season.

    And for Mojave. They also seem to do regular updates.

    These will be good for planning but you might want to revisit those sites shortly before leaving to print out the newest edition for last minute tips and such.

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    fan flippin tastic!!!

    Thanks VERY much Judy!!!!!!

    Brilliant i couldn't find those for love nor money¬!

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    Default Glad to help

    Let us know how we can help you further. Enjoy your trip and, remember, we love roadtrip reports and pictures when you get back! :)

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    thats great.....judy, what were the lead pages where you found those links if you see what i mean?


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    Default On the national park website for each park

    I just clicked on the "plan your visit" link on the front page for each park and found them via there. I think a couple might have been on the "brochures" link from the "plan your visit" page. Hope that makes sense. I didn't have to dig. Found them in just a few minutes so it shouldn't take you long to find them. Hope that points you in the right direction.

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    thanks judy thats great :) i know where now :)

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    Most all of the national parks have newspapers which have a wealth of information in them; NPS has updated many of its units' websites to include major handouts like the park map and newspaper, sometimes they also have additional handouts.

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