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  1. Default route 101 from vancouver to san diago and then to new orleans

    Hi. i've just spent the last few months travelling abroad in europe and have now started planning a new trip across the states. im from vancouver and i am hoping to make a trip on motorcycle from vancouver to san diago along route 101 and then to head eastward towards new orleans and then hopefully north along the great river road back up to alberta and then back across the rockies to vancouver. im planning to spend 3-6 weeks doing this although im not completely sure how much time to allow for such a trip. considering we would be on motorcycle it would be a bit tiresome driving all the time so im trying to consider that aswell. if you might have any suggestions as to how long such a trip would take and whether its fesable within my time frame. if anyone has done this trip before it would be a great help if you could give me some suggestions thanks.

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    6 weeks would be enough time for sure. On a bike it still would wear you out going at a slow pace on this trip. Think about getting a car for this one thats just my imput. Sounds like an awesome trip though.

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    Default closer to 6

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    You might be able to pull this trip off in three weeks, but I think it would be a bit of a struggle. Some of the time will depend on your own comfort on the bike and how long you are willing to ride in a day. Considering you are talking about largely using 2 lane roads, you could really be looking at full days of driving almost every day to do the loop you are talking about in 3 weeks.

    I would say if you have 6 weeks for this trip, then I'd take as much of it as you can. You should have more time available to do a little more exploring, and you wouldn't be pressured to be riding long distances every single day.

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    Default It's about 7000 miles

    We recommend people in cars try not to go over 500 miles per day. So that would be a minimum of 14 days just to drive it via car. I'm sure you can't do that many miles day-after-day on a bike so adjust this accordingly. And, of course, that doesn't leave a lot of time for sightseeing or to take a day or two, here and there, off the road to enjoy where you've landed. I'm thinking you'll want, at minimum, 4 weeks but more would certainly be better.

    How can we help you plan this?

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    I have recently done the 101 trip and from my own experience once you have hit say Santa Monica I would hit up the I5 as you tend to veer off the coastal route which was intended. Also, I found that alot of the beaches are state beahces that require cash for entry,however on the plus side the parking is not badly priced at $1 hour on non state beaches.

    Huntington beach and Laguna Beach are awesome to go too...also Torrey Pines State Park in San Diego is beautiful!


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