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  1. Default Deep South or California,California to busy and expensive during July?


    After taking a one month roadtrip to usa in the summer of 2007 we have decided to go again in 2009 as it was just such a great experiance.

    This time we are thinking of either going to the Deep South (Georgia,Tennessee,Kentucky,N/S Carolina) or California.

    What worring me a bit about California is how busy places like Palm Springs,Monterey,Yosemite NP,Big Sur ext,may become during the month of July?

    We will be staying mostly in the major motels chains during our adventure. Will it be correct in saying that prices could be much higher in general compared to the motels in the deep south?

    Any help will be much appreciated


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    Default tourist season

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    July is pretty much the peak tourism season everywhere in the US, so you'll see a fair number of other travelers no matter where you go. Yosemite would probably be the single place where you'd notice crowds more than anywhere else, but on the flip side, it would actually be the low season for places in the desert like palm springs.

    As far as motels go, I don't think its accurate to say that you'll end up paying more in California. The major chains try to keep their prices at least within a fairly consistant range. You could end up paying more in California, but certainly not a sure thing, and in some cases, since there is more competition, you could end up paying less. I'd do a little comparison shopping and see what you find.

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    Thanks For your reply Michael.

    Interesting about Palm Springs being the low season in July. Make perfect sense though cause of the extreme heat.

    I was looking on google maps an i think we may be able to fit in Las Vegas. Just wondering if there is much accomodation along interstate 15? Sorry if it sounds a stupid question but we have never driven through the desert so would not know what to expect.

    At $120 a night will it be quite hard to find motel accomodation for 3 adults in and around the pacific coast highway?


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    California can be expensive, I know San Diego is expensive and your looking round $80-100 a night but places like Plam Springs i found a room for $46 a night and its a nice little place and has a nice pool.

  5. Default Deep South

    Well being from the deep South, you need to keep in mind that you are going to be hot in July. The further south you go the hotter it's going to get. Humidity, humidity, humidity. If you have never experienced it, then it's like walking outside in the heat and there being no rain, but when you return inside, your clothes are sticking to you and your hair if curly is curled to the max. So, if being hot and sweaty doesn't bother you, then welcome to the South! Of course, unlike most movies depicted here, we do have air conditioning, and we believe in using it.

    My suggestions would depend on what you like to do? Are you just interested in sight-seeing, golf, theme parks,etc.? If you could narrow down what interests you then I can make better suggestions. I have been to CA and all the states mentioned in your post.

    San Diego is nice no matter what time of year you go. You can always depend on it being great.

  6. Default Can you do this route in 27 days?


    Our family have booked flights to Atlanta next year in July for 27 days.

    So at the moment we are busy planning what sort of road trip we are going to take. Been having a look at this option,

    Atlanta - Tallahasee - New Orleans - Houston - Dallas - Little Rock - Memphis - Nashville and back to Atlanta. Looked on the net at is seems that this route will be around 2200 miles.

    The other option was Atlanta - Tallahasee - New Orleans - Memphis - Nashville - Lexington - Atlanta

    But it would be amazing if we could fit in Dallas thats why i would preffer the first route.

    Do you guys think the Texas route is achiveable in the amount of day we have avaliable?



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    Default Certainly

    With 27 days you could do a quick lap around the US, so a regional trip like this would certainly be possible, even with stops in Texas.

    As with anything, you'll have to plan at least a rough outline so you don't try to do too much. But otherwise, this should be a pretty easy trip for you to achieve.

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    Default I agree

    You should have plenty of time to fit in Dallas. That looks like a great trip. What kind of specific advice do you need right now? FWIW, I would definitely add New Orleans to the first itinerary.

  9. Default

    Thanks for the replies.

    Thats very interesting. Thought that may be to long a trip. Will keep on thinking and keep you all updated.

    If we dont do Texas we will be going up through Mississippi to get to Memphis. Could anyone recommend any must sees in Mississppi?

    Thanks again

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    Default Here's a few links...

    I'm not familiar with the area myself but here's a few links to prior discussions about that area which should give you some ideas.

    Mississippi A to Z

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