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    Hello everyone! I;m driving from CT to Seattle , WA within the next 2 weeks and would like any suggestions about the route and places to stop along the way. I was planning on taking route 80 to route 90 all the way. I do want to stop and see mount rushmore. Any suggestions along route 90 to stop and see without going too off the path of the highway. I am giving myself about 7 days to do this.

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    With around 3000 miles in 7 days, you won't have a lot of time to spend wandering off and viewing sights. Still there are several near the I-80/I-90 corridor that would help break up the tedium of such a long drive. Major parks and scenic stops would include Cuyahoga Valley National Park outside Cleveland and Indiana Dunes National Seashore outside Chicago, then Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower and the Little Bighorn all in a relatively compact area of western South Dakota through southeastern Montana, and there are several scenic byways in northern Idaho around Coeur d'Alene. Those are the well known (for a reason) stops, but be sure to also stop every so often at some some of the smaller parks along the way for some rest and relaxation as well.


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