Yeah, I completely understand what you guys on this board are saying about long drives back to back or just a super long day. Butt, amount of stuff to do on this drive with the timeframe we have means we have to do a few long days at the end. On trips i've done some big days driving between the main highlights it shouldn't be a problem. From Reno to Champaign the route doesn't interest us too much so we just want to get home fast. I can't think of much to do or see between here and there unless someone can inform me otherwise. It's all I-80 Reno to Chicago. Chicago don't count I live by there seen it a million times. Plus, my logic is the more we cram to get home the more time we have elsewhere such as the Oregon coast or the redwoods. Before anyone says anything I can't get any more time and nor do I want to break up the trip the places planned to see and route selected is not subject to change.