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  1. Default Ideas for a Road Trip visiting Farms (any kind)

    Hi everyone;

    I would like recommendation for a Road Trip visiting Farms (any kind). My dad just retire and he is a farm lover, any kind. I would love to plan for him a unforgettable Road Trip vising various farms in the country in a two week time frame.

    Thanks for your advise.

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    Default Challenging

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I really don't know of too many farms that do public tours. I imagine they are out there, or some that would be willing to show you around if you ask, I just don't know of many off hand. Sometimes in the fall, there will be some places that open themselves up to tourists, and have some fall activites to go with them.

    When do you plan to take this trip and where exactly do you think you'll be traveling?

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    Actually, I'm not sure where to go exactly. Wonder if someone here can help me also selecting a set of states with farms to visit. I'm planning for early next year.


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    Default You'll Have to Narrow it Down a Bit

    There's simply no way that we can know of all the farms in the U.S. that might offer tours or even farm-based Bed & Breakfasts. You'll have to give us a bit of help such as, as Michael asked, where and when you'll be traveling.


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    Default everywhere

    There are farms in every state in the US, so it really isn't possible to give you a set that will have what you are looking for. Have you even decided about what kind of farms you want to focus on. Again, you'd have lots of possibilities, although if you identify some specifics there, it might help you figure our where you want to focus your trip.

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    Default Washington state

    I don't know much about agriculture or the types of crops grown in all the different states.

    Eastern WA grows a wide variety of different agricultural products including grains (wheat, barley, oats, etc.), fruit (apples, peaches, pears, apricots, various berries, and more), vegetables of all kinds, and vineyards as Washington has become a mecca for wineries.

    Western WA also has vegetable farming and lots of berry farms. Plus mushroom growers, bulb farming (particularly daffodils and tulips), potatoes, pumpkins and gourds, and tree farming.

    Add to that, both sides have numerous ranches for cattle, sheep, musk-ox, alpacas, llamas, etc.

    I don't know of any that are specifically open for tourism but many have stands to purchase their produce and some even offer "pick your own" opportunities in season.

    Again, I'm not real familiar with farming in other states. But I think Washington has such a wide variety of different types of farms within an easily-traveled area that it might be worth a look to get a variety of farming methods to explore.

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