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    Default 7 people, an RV and 15days.

    Hello to everybody. Myself, my wife and our three kids plus my brother and his wife are planning a road trip for Summer 2009. What I need are places that the kids have plenty of activity, action and interest on the way round our finalised route. My biggest dilemma is the timescale it takes to do certain things and get from one place to the next. The places we were thinking of including (or at least some of them) were as follows:

    Do you have any suggestions that could assist me


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    Default A bit hurried.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums.

    How old are the kids?
    You have picked alot of natural wonders in your trip, but I am sure they will keep the kids entertained just fine. There is so much open space for them to explore and run around in [keep them in sight though, as there's plenty to get lost in] I am sure they will get as much out of it as you.

    To sleep 7 you will need a 30/31 ft 'C' class R.V to accomodate you all. It's my favorite way to travel, and the campgrounds are amazing, each having a fire pit and B.B.Q grill normally for some great family time around the fire.
    However it will start to feel cramped if 7 people spend to much of the day in it, and I think you are bordering on that.

    Two things that stand out to me at the moment are Denver and Los Angeles. Denver to M/V in an R.V is in my estimation around 11 hours of travel time, add to that a couple of 2 hour stops and you will need 2 days, Very scenic but will it keep the kids happy?

    Los Angeles is not really the place for driving 30ft R.V around, although there's plenty of themes for the kids.

    I would be inclined to leave Denver this time and possibly starting out in Los Angeles by using Hotel/ Motel accomodation and then pick the R.V up and let the road trip begin from there and end in San Fran or Vegas. [It may be worth checking for a difference in the one way drop off charge].

    To make the most of your trip I would suggest looking at 2 nights min in each of the following,Yosemite, Grand canyon, Vegas, San Fran and L/A to not only get some "down time" but to make the visit worthwhile. As you see that's 10 nights gone leaving 5 for travelling between and overnighters.
    Also, if you are using a mapping program for travel times they are over optimistic, add to that the slower going in an R.V. and they can be up to 40-50% short of the true time given the fact they don't allow for any stops or breaks at all.

    Here's how our R.V trip turned out covering some of the ares you intend to.

    They are just a couple of thoughts at the moment so have a good look around the forums and when you have other questions come back and ask and we can try and help you piece your trip together.

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    Thanks for your thoughts Southwest Dave. I thought it might be a tad ambitious.Would it possibly be better to fly into Vegas, pick an RV up here and end in San Fran maybe. Leaving out LA.

    Our kids will be aged as follows
    Samuel age 11
    Emily Age 9
    Aimee 4

    I am going to have a look around the site at other trips.

    Thanks again.


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    Default So many choices.

    Hi there,
    It can be tough making decisions and having to cut out parts of your trip, but it's the old "less is more" type thing.

    I enquired about your childrens ages because when they get to those awkward teens period, they would probably want anywhere with scary rides and amusement parks. I am quite sure the kids will love the N.P's and the open spaces just to be able to "play in" and enjoy the wildlife. To give you an idea of a "park", Yosemite [although a lot is inaccessible apart from long hikes] covers an area approx 1 1/2 times bigger than the entire Lake district here in the U.K. It's also one of my favorite places.
    I am more into natural wonders as opposed to cities, so it would be an easy choice for me to cut L/A out and spend much more time in the scenic splendour of the parks, especially in an R.V. but we are all different, so I guess you need to way up the pro's and con's of what you and your family want. There are just so many amazing things to see and do in the Southwest but it's a great problem to have.

    Here are some great links for the area.

    Here is the National parks website that has lots of useful info including camping, and the best places to stop in my opinion. Once you have parked up most of them have free and frequent shuttle bus services so there is no need to move the R.V and saves time on setting it up and down for getting around.
    We found this resort to be good in Vegas, not far from the strip with amenities for the whole family.

    Have a look around for ideas and once you have more questions about your route or any aspects of the R.V. then let us know.
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    Default 19 Days with an RV, where to go?

    For various reasons the 2009 trip is not going to happen, mainly due tothe fact my brother has been sationed to the FalklandIslands for 4 months and money is a littel on the tight side. We are however planning way ahead for a trip in July/August 2010 and need a little advice on top of what has been said already. We are having two days in Disney and then pick up our RV and have that for 19 days. Any ideas of where to visit or plan a route. We are still a party of 7 (4 adults & 3 Kids) and want to cram as much in as we can without busting a gut, obviously. Any suggestions welcome
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    Do you want to drop the RV back off in LA, or do a one way to another city?

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    Not fussed really, hadn't thought about it. If the cost isn't outrageously different for the flights and a different RV drop off then I am open to anything.

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    Default You have a bit more time !

    With 19 days available after leaving LA, your original plan in post 1 is certainly an option but start in LA and finish in Denver. If the costs don't work out with air fares and one way charges head back to LA from Monument valley stopping on route, or another option would be to follow your original plan starting from LA, and from Vegas head to Zion via I-15, then to Bryce canyon, through Page to MV and then the Grand canyon south rim before heading back to LA. The North rim would be an option as well between Zion and Bryce if you wanted a more remote feel of the Canyon.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I have a map route planner and will be checking some of your suggestions out and pricing things up. If I get stuck on anything I will be back in touch.


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