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    Next month I need to drive up to Fredericksburg VA. from Boca Raton FL.(non-stop with a few rest stops) I plan to leave around 2pm from work. Have any of you made this trip straight through? What time do you think I should arrive? Any tips would be much appreciated.

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    Welcome Back to the RTA forum!

    I haven't driven this entire length, but you've got a pretty big challenge in front of you. You're looking at a trip that's just shy of 1000 miles, which is far more than we'd recommend in a single leg in the first place, plus you're going to do it after working for most of the day.

    The best estimate is going to make this about an 18 hour trip. So if you leave at 2 pm, you wouldn't reach your destination until about 8 am the next morning. And that's assuming you don't hit too much more than normal traffic on the most heavily used corridor in the US.

    How many people will be doing this trip with you? I hope you are not even thinking about doing this trip solo, as it would be several steps beyond reckless. If you have a couple other people working on shift driving and sleeping, and follow some of our other speed run advice, then you should be able to do this.

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    Thanks for the advice Michael. Unfortunately, I have to make this trip solo. I did a AAA map on this route and it says 14 hours 9 minutes. I plan to get some shut eye at some rest areas so i see how it can take a full 18 hours with traffic and stops. By the way, is it legal or OK to sleep at rest areas along I-95?

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    Default Cat Naps vs. the Big Sleep

    It's 15 hours of driving time at the speed limit. You will have already been up for 10 hours or so when you start. Add in a minimum of 2 hours for bathroom breaks, gas stops, coffee and food and you're looking at 27 hours minimum awake time. That is NOT a recipe for a safe drive. Yes, you can pull of at rest areas and rest. You can even legally doze off for a few hours, that's what they're there for. But having done this more times than I care to count. I can almost guarantee that one of those two hour naps will turn into an eight hour sleep. If you're lucky.


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    Let me ask you this: Would you consider going out and crusing the interstates for a few hours after consuming about a case of beer?

    What you are planning to do is flat out reckless. And while it might not be illegal, I can tell you from both research and first hand knowledge, driving tired is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Except since there is no breath test for exhaustion, its not illegal and people don't take the dangers just as seriously.

    Why is making this trip at this pace so important that its worth risking both your life, but the lives of others on the road?

    As Buck mentioned, rest areas are there to catch a nap, and if you are lucky, one of those would turn into several hours or real sleep. I'd certainly rather see that than see you put yourself or someone else to sleep for much longer than that.

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    Default Welcome to "The Dead Zone" of North Carolina


    I-95 in east-central North Carolina has been referred to as the "Dead Zone" by highway safety officials due to the many early morning crashes caused when fatigued drivers fall asleep just before dawn. Our position roughly halfway between NY and FL destinations leads to many "straight through" drivers arriving here in the few hours just before dawn. Due to the frequency and lethality of crashes, the NCDOT has "grooved" a rumble strip adjacent to each lane to provide noise and vibration to wake up drivers who have dozed off. They've also installed cable barriers between the lanes to impede the progress of those the rumble strips don't wake up, preventing them from crossing into oncoming traffic.

    If you were to choose to execute this trip in the fashion suggested, surviving NC's "Dead Zone" earns you a chance to experience morning rush traffic in Richmond and, best yet, morning traffic between Richmond and DC, the famed "Ho Chi Mihn Trail" at the tail end of your drive.

    This is foolish. Don't do it.


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    Wow! It's nice to have such caring people setting you straight. I want to thank you all so much. I will not attempt to do this drive in this time frame. I'll probably call it quits around 10 or 11 pm and check into a hotel. Where do you think I'll be around 11?

    Thanks again.

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    I'd say you'll likely be somewhere in South Carolina at that point of your trip. There aren't a ton of cities in this stretch, but because the route is so heavily traveled, there are plenty of services. You shouldn't have much difficulty finding a place to stop when you decide to call it quits for the day.

    Thanks for making a much more sane and safe plan.

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    Great site. Thank you!

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