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    Default LA round trip! (from uk and need help.)

    Hi everyone, Im new and have only just started planning a 3month (87days) road trip with my boyfriend! We've decided that we need to do this now before we get married and settle down so nows the time.

    Basically Im not to sure where to start I dont know anyone thats been on a road trip and going from such a small country where i can drive from north to south in about 8 hours to one that takes a week to drive across is quite daunting really!!!

    We've decided to go right round the country starting in LA going south toward texas, louisiana, mississipi, tennesse, virginia, pennsylvania, new york, ohio, indiana, illinois, iowa, s.dakota, n.dakota, montana, washington, oregon, nevada and then back to california.

    Now that route definatly is not concrete im looking for someone to tell me wether that route sucks or not! I dont mind changing it. We want to see the sights, landmarks, have some fun, experience general America. like i said we are still in the early stages so I havent done research on each state yet and some states we would probably just pass through to get to another state.

    Now for accomadation we have decided to split between camping, motels and hostels were we can.

    I am also looking for advice on renting as we are both under 25 we have to pay a lot extra for insurance does anybody have any advice and would they recommend just buying a cheap car?

    If anyone can offer some advice it would be great because Im such an amateur!!!
    Thank you :)

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    Default Start at the Very Beginning

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are several RoadTrip planning hints listed here, but really the best first step is to sit down with your boyfriend one evening and go over this 'quiz' to get a firm handle on what it is that you want to accomplish on your trip. Then with a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, you'll be in a better position to start your search for specific venues and roads that will meet those goals. Anyway, to answer a few of your specific questions...

    Once around the country is certainly one basic way of organizing a trip to see the U.S. and three months is more than sufficient time to do it. One thought though, rather than planning in terms of states, plan in terms of regions and geography: desert southwest, gulf, deep south, Atlantic coast, Appalachians, New England, Great Lakes, Mississippi River system, Great Plains, Rockies, Pacific Northwest, etc. That should help keep your eye on the prize and let you organize your activities.

    There are more motels and camp sites in America than you're probably used to. To help sort out what's available, you might want to join AAA (~$75) and make use of their Guide Books and campground directories which list and rank thousands of establishments. Since many places also give a 10% discount to members, membership will also probably pay for itself. As an added bonus, you also get certain roadside assistance services.

    As far as renting vs. buying, for a three month trip it is probably getting to be cost efficient to buy rather than rent, particularly as you are both under 25. This will require that you spend a few days (at least) upon arrival and prior to departure going through the troubles of buying and selling the car, but here is a discussion that might help you sort out what's involved in that process and what your options are.

    Happy Planning!

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    Your idea is definitely feasible with a three month time frame in mind.

    Basically Im not to sure where to start I dont know anyone thats been on a road trip and going from such a small country where i can drive from north to south in about 8 hours to one that takes a week to drive across is quite daunting really!!!
    I understand. I went to England and Scotland earlier this year and was very surprised that it was only a 4 hour train trip from London to Edinburgh.

    The main thing you need to think about is what you want to see. You've got your main states picked out, but what do you want to see in each state. For example if you want to see Big Bend National Park in Texas and the place where Bonnie and Clyde were killed in Louisiana that would be a very different route than from Big Bend to New Orleans, LA. With three months there are a lot of things you can see.

    Another thing. Start thinking about how much you want to drive everyday. Some people are only up for 5-6 hours, some for 3hours and some go crazy. It really depends on your personal limitations and what you want to see that day.

    I'm not an expert on your rent vs buy question, but from everything I've seen it will be much easier to get a rental versus buying a car. I believe that most states require proof of a permanent residence within the state to register a car.

    Let us know as you have more questions.

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    Default Enjoy the planning.

    Hello there and welcome.
    Although it looks daunting to start with once you start collecting ideas and putting them into place the planning is vry enjoyable and a big part of the whole experience.
    It's certainly a big place and the first thing we done was to go to our local book store and bought a large paper map of America, opened it up and started looking at our proposed route, and cross referenced interesting places and distances on the Internet.
    When using on line mapping such as google or windows live you need to allow more travel time than stated as they don't allow for any stops, such as lunch, sight seeing or even getting fuel.

    The National parks guide is easy to navigate and gives good info on what you will be passing by and you may want to visit.

    Also heres some info on safe driving distances in a day.
    The roads in the U.S are so open and less congested compared to here in the U.K and the driving is more pleasurable.

    I would start to break your trips into sections /states and start pinning the map and then check out the in between by searching these forums and the net in general, Once you have had a look come back and we will try and help you piece it together.


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