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    I'm from Norway, and a 25 day roadtrip is just about three months ahead. The trip will be from January 2. to January 26.

    I have a lot of questions, and I think I will start off with some basics..

    First, we are thinking about going cost to cost. The plan is to arrive from New York to San Francisco January 2.
    Then, we will drive down the coast to Los Angeles, and then Las Vegas. After this, we will continiue towards either New York or Miami.

    Take the season in consideration, what do you guys recommend to do?
    In a general view, which of them is the most interesting? (considering weather, historic sights etc..)

    I am so looking forward to this. Never been to the USA, and I can't wait to go there ;)

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    Velkommen! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    While weather will probably play a factor, I think that you could get a better view of the diversity of the U.S. if you headed for New York rather than Miami as your final destination. Three weeks is sufficient for either trip, but going to New York, after first coming across the southwest as far as either New Orleans or Memphis, would let you also see some of the Appalachian Mountains and mid-Atlantic coast, both are areas of scenic beauty that are also rich in American history, including our Colonial, Revolutionary, and Civil War periods.


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    Thanks for the reply! I've just ordered tickets for the flights :)

    Now it's time to make a reservation for a car! I will have it from january 6. to january 26 :)

    I think I will book via Hertz as my office has som good deals with them.

    I'm thinking about a Ford Explorer, Lincoln Towncar or Cadillac DTS. They are equally priced. What would you guys recommend? Is Ford Explorer a comfy car for three weeks on the road?

    (Driving will be San Francisco - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - New York OR Miami)

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    The Lincoln and Cadillac are large luxury cars while the Ford is a massive SUV. All of them will be quite comfortable, none of them will get good gas mileage. But since gas here costs less than half as much as in Norway, I doubt you'd notice.


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    Thanks for the reply!

    We have now decided to go coast to coast (NYC - San Fran. OR San Fran. NYC)

    I have ordered return tickets to New York, and it's the same for me if I drive from NYC to the west coast (San Fran.) and take a plane back to NYC, OR if I start the trip with a flight to San. Fran. and then drive back to NYC.

    I have many friends and family saying that driving east to west is "the right thing to do". Do you agree?

    One thing to have in mind: Renting a car is NOK 4000 more expensive when you pick up the car in New york and leave it in San Fran. than if you go the other way (west - east, same cities)!

    NOK 4000 is about $ 684. Is it worth it?

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    Default Are you a historian in outlook?

    Quote Originally Posted by HenrikSR View Post
    I have many friends and family saying that driving east to west is "the right thing to do".
    I guess there is kind of a logic to that thinking -- the United States was "grown" from the east to the west and so if you were following historical sites, it might make some sense to adopt that east to the west mentality -- but otherwise, I can't see any justification for the "extra" NOK 4000.

    One route you might consider would be to follow some of the historic Lincoln Highway. The Lincoln Highway connects NYC with San Francisco and is largely still intact. More information here.


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    The "right thing to do" I think refers to a bit of a tradition. The US was founded as people moved west, so you kind of get the same perspective as the pioneers.
    The wide open spaces, amazing unique scenery, and National Parks of the West can also be a bit of a "saving the best for last" for some people, and reaching the Pacific does have a bit of a storybook ending.

    Having said all of that, those are just perceptions, and making the amazing cities of the east coast the ending point of the trip could be just as good of a trip. There is nothing wrong with heading east, and saving $700 is a pretty good reason in my book to consider doing this trip "backwards."

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