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  1. Default Hello - Roadtrip round the West - advice very welcome Thanks!

    Hello, found this cool site and thought I would ask for some help and advice.

    Sorry if I run through my holiday too quick.

    I'm going in March-April for about ten days. Flying to Las Vegas, few days there (canyon, loose some money and see a show). Drive down to LA, couple days. Drive up to San Fran, couple days, stopping at a motel on the way for a night. Then Driving back to Las Vegas going through Death Valley, stopping a night at a cabin motel at Sequoia National Park.

    I was wondering if anyone else has done this and knows if about 10 days is enough to do the trip, I'm saying about ten days because we are not sure about the flights yet.

    Another question is while driving through the Death Valley, how far apart are petrol (gas) stations?

    Another quick question, I'm going to be hiring a car, I'm from the UK and am 21. I have found a quote for 274 dollars, about £155 from US Rent a car.Is that good, has anyone else under 25 hired a car and know of any cheaper hires?

    Thanks very much for reading and even more thanks for any responces.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Certainly many other people have done a trip similar to this one. In fact, the general outline in our most popular question, with several hundreds of threads already in existence. Here are some of our favorites.

    10 days could be enough time, depending upon how you break up your time. If you spend a couple days each in LV, LA, and SF, then you might be a bit rushed. If you are planning to travel the Coast Highway, you'll want 2 days for the trip from LA to SF, and if you plan to stop at both Sequoia and Death Valley, you'll need at least 2 days, if not 3, just for the driving. (its basically a full day trek from Sequoia to Death Valley.) Gas stations are relatively plentiful, and shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't wait until you're on fumes to fill up.

    The price you've been quoted for a rental car sounds very good. Typically, a $20-25 per day underage fee is charged for drivers aged 21-24, so If you've found a 10 day rental for under $300, then you've found a great deal. In fact, I'd make sure to check the fine print to make sure its not too good to be true.

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    For car rental do a comparison here and book as early as possible. You'll have to pay a young person surcharge but from my experience this is unavoidable.
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    Hi, thanks so much for the quick responces. You are all very helpful and I am now happy to stick to my plan. Going to try and book night flights so I can arive in the morning and have a good whole day.

    Yep, going to check the car hire again.


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