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  1. Default Florida - California in 3 weeks


    we, me and my friend from Germany are planing a road trip from Gainesville(Fl)
    Tallahassee,Pensacola,New Orleans,Houston,Austin/San Antonio,El Paso,Tuscon,Phoenix,San Diego,LA,SFran,LVegas (flight back to europe)

    We will do 3000 miles in 3 weeks time. Hopefully.
    Renting a car will (the cheapest offer) be 1270 USD. The price range seems to be 1600-2500 USD for renting....

    1.Whats the best route? Any hints for places to see?
    2.Whats better/cheaper/easier? Renting or buying a car!
    Is 1270 USD a good price? Could it be any cheaper?

    Thanks for helping !!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    1) Basically, you'll just need to follow I-10 west from Florida to Arizona. At Phoenix, take I-17 north to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, then I-40/US-93 to Las Vegas, I-15 to Los Angeles/San Diego, and finally CA-1 (the Pacific Coast Highway) up to San Francisco. Among other places to see along that general route are Gulf Islands National Seashore, White Sands National Monument, Kartchner Caverns and Death Valley.

    2) While I suppose it just might be possible to buy a car and sell it for less money overall than renting, by the time you went through all the hassles of establishing residency for the pupose of registering and licensing the car, found one, had it inspected, went through the paperwork to gain title, purchased insurance (usually with a six month minimum coverage), found a buyer at the other end, established that the car (presumably purchased in Florida) met California's strict emissions requirements, and went through the hassle of transfering ownership, I just don't see hoew it could be worth it. $1200 is considerably better than I could easily find for a three week coast-to-coast rental, so make sure that price includes all taxes, fees and any drop off charge.


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    Default Seems a little too good to be true!

    Quote Originally Posted by ALAN&HiNNE View Post
    Is 1270 USD a good price? Could it be any cheaper?
    Like AZBuck suggested above, I think $1270 for a three week rental is a little too low to be true. I would be really, really amazed if you could find a three week rental with a drop-off surcharge (which this trip seems to include) for less than $1899.

    Another option, but I can't see how it would be any cheaper is to purchase a car from a service that guarantees to purchase the car back from you when you are finished with the trip. Here is a field report from a RTA member who was pleased with company they used.


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    okay... it seems very convincing to rent a car.

    1) thanx for the interesting route. We thought about going clockwise through Cali...meaning San Diego-LA-SF-Vegas (the flight goes back to europe from there) it nicer otherway around...Grand Canyon-Vegas-SF-LA-SD-Vegas?
    It will take more time thats for sure....
    We will have one 8 days for the clockwise route...short, i know.

    2) The company is called 'Holiday Autos'.
    I will get a confirmation on Monday for the reservation of the offer of 1270 USD - 3 weeks. It has all taxes, insurance, free miles, first tankfull free and one way rent. I also thought its really 'cheap' compared to other offers. I booked it through a friend at a travel agency. If it works out for us - i will report - maybe more european users are interested in their offers.

    Thanks for helping !!!

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    Default Yes, please that sounds amazing!

    Quote Originally Posted by ALAN&HiNNE View Post
    If it works out for us - i will report - maybe more european users are interested in their offers.
    It still seems to good to be true -- but exactly the kind of intelligence we would love to be able to share here. I hope it goes well for you.


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    yes indeed - today - we got confirmation for the car.

    Intermediate, unlimited mileage, first tankfull free, insurance (1.5mioUSD), theft insurance, extra driver +25.

    Gainesville 12th-Las Vegas30th.November. 18days.

    660 USD.
    +One way rent 500 USD
    +tax 15% (maximum).
    makes roundabout 1300 USD.

    The company is Holiday Autos ( and they seem to get best prices. The car is actually rented from Alamo cars.

    I hope it helps people to get the best prices !!! For the same tour -with extensive internet search, i found offers being minimum 1800 USD.


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    Default Wow, great deal!

    It doesn't mention a one-way trip, drop-off charge. This would be typical so you might want to make sure that this is included in your price. Otherwise, looks great!

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